Fantasia International Film Festival: Tiger Girl (2017) Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

When I think of female-driven punk as fuck films in both style and attitude over the last several years, I think Germany.

In particular, this gem.

Tiger Girl is another film fitting that broad description, starring the double trouble of drifter badass Tiger (Ella Rumpf) and Police Academy wanna-be turned enthusiastic partner in crime Vanilla (Maria-Victora Dragus).  They proceed to do what the fuck they want Bonnie & Bonnie-style.

A Toast

Young director Jakob Lass packs Tiger Girl full of lots of punk style and verve- energetic camera movements and cutting, saturated colors, and hot needle drops aplenty make this an engaging 90 minutes and play like A-list music video calling card at the very least.

The other element that very much works in this film is the rapport between Rumpf and Dragus, who both display charisma in spades on two unique registers.  These two clearly both have what it takes to level up to another degree of international exposure, particularly Rumpf, who’s had quite a year between this and Raw.

Beer Two

The two criminals Tiger hangs out with until they just up and disappear don’t add anything to the plot except lots of literal and figurative dickishness.

Beer Three

The escalation of criminality of these characters makes no sense, particularly for the clean-cut Maggy.  Just because she has an interesting new friend with a lively attitude means she goes from Security Guard/Police recruit hopeful to full-fledged antisocial misanthrope?


Tiger Girl is a bit uneven and not necessarily possessing of a point, but is an energetic calling card for bigger and better things for all involved.

Tiger Girl (2017) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for each new crime Maggy commits with her new buddy

Take a Drink: whenever anyone says ‘Tiger’

Take a Drink: whenever anyone has a drink

Take a Drink: whenever anyone does anything antisocial or debaucherous

Do a Shot: for male nudity of any sort

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