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Everybody Wants Some!! follows Jake, a hotshot freshman pitcher who’s arriving at college 3 days prior to class starting. We begin by watching him drive though campus until he pulls up to the baseball house where he’ll be living. The film spans the weekend before classes start, one filled with booze, drugs, girls, and lots of good times.


Fresh Meat!

A Toast

The cast is great and the acting is superb. Linklater’s decision to use mainly no-name actors was a genius one. Too many times films will rely on a big name actor to carry the film and the writing ends up becoming mediocre. The actors here easily carry the film; no one misses a beat and the entire cast actually has great chemistry. The main character, Jake, was played by Blake Jenner- he was the most recognizable actor in this film, and that’s only from a couple seasons on Glee. However, Blake isn’t hindered by his Glee persona and is more than up to the task of leading this great ensemble.

This cast of no-names have some true gems in it, but it’s easy to be a good actor when Linklater is behind the keyboard. Linklater has a way of writing that’s very real. The conversations that he writes sound like actual conversations real people would have. At 55, it’s impressive that Linklater can write and sound like a 19-year-old. His Before series is another example of his brilliant writing. You’d think you were with Hawke and Delpy while they have actual discussions. As long as Linklater keeps putting pen to paper I’ll keep seeing his films.


I think they had a little too much fun making this film.

I loved this film and it’ll probably end up on my top ten movies of the year at the end of the year and a big reason is the nostalgia factor. I’ve only been out of college 4 years, but this film made me miss my college days. I say I’ve only been out 4 years to emphasize that I’m not nostalgic for the eighties, but the college days. The freedom to do whatever you wanted and having all of the time in the world to do it. Sure, you had class but that was maybe 3 or 4 hours out of your day. Plus, you had all weekend to do whatever (usually party). College is great not only to have fun and earn a degree to help you in life, but as the perfect time to figure out who you really are.

This film shows that perfectly. These guys go to different parties and bars and trying to mask themselves to where they’re going. They go to a punk bar, and a country bar, and a dance club, and towards the end they go to a theater party. Every time they go to a different bar/club or party they dress themselves up like they’re part of that world. Why do that? Sure, if you’re just wanting to get laid then that might work. But if you want to make an honest connection, platonic or romantic, you should just be you. That way you’re able to open up and make true friends and connections. I think Linklater does an excellent job at showing this to the audience.



Everybody Wants Some!! is a great film. It’s a fun time at the movies and the perfect film for either a night out with the buddies or a date night. Either way you’ll laugh your ass off while taking a trip down nostalgia lane. Instead of seeing what feels like the same mass-produced comedies in theaters now I’d try to seek this gem out.


Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: every time there’s a competition or bet.

Take a Drink: every time someone pretends to be something they’re not to get laid.

Do a Shot: whenever one of the guys gets shot down.

Take a Drink: every time there’s a mention of earning teammate status.

Finish your Drink: to stroll down College Memory Lane.


Remember when we could haze? Those were the days.

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