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We pick up with Ed and Lorraine Warren while they are investigating the Amityville house massacre. Lorraine sees a dark force that shakes her. After this investigation the Demonologists begin receiving lots of press and it leads to them getting a call about a single mother of four whose younger daughter is supposedly possessed. So the Warrens take on their latest case to see if it’s just a prank or call for attention, or if there really are Demon activities happening inside this family’s home.


Back for round 2!

A Toast

James Wan is quickly becoming a prominent director in the horror genre and rightfully so. He’s been able to keep coming up with new ways to scare people and not just do a rehash of his earlier work. Saw, Insidious 1 & 2 and The Conjuring films are easily some of the best modern American horror films. I was worried when the word was out about a sequel (though I wasn’t surprised based on the success of the first Conjuring) because I didn’t want this to be a rehash of the first film. Fortunately, this film is not a rehash and I go so far as to say this film could be a stand alone film from the first.

Wan revs up the scares in this film. There were times when I had goose bumps because I was genuinely creeped out. Wan was also able to deliver successful jump scares, not relying on traditional tropes. Instead Wan is able to make you feel safe as if the creepy moment has passed and while you’re letting your guard down he’s comes behind you and scares the shit out of you. I can’t wait to see what Wan can do next horror-wise.


As in the first film Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson do excellent work in their roles and have great and believable chemistry. It could’ve been very easy for either of them to phone it in, thinking most people wouldn’t expect much from a sequel. However, they still give 100% and it truly shows. The entire cast doesn’t slouch, either. The writing along with the cast and their acting is a marvelous combination.

The film is expertly shot with a very cool and slick style. Don Burgess is a very good Cinematographer who’s worked on Forrest Gump, Spider-Man, Cast Away, etc. His veteran skills shine through while he shows great spatial relations. Also Wan and Burgess’s use of shadows and light only help the creepy atmosphere of the house and this film. It just goes to show that when two people have excellent chemistry at work great things can happen.


Beer Two

I don’t want to give any spoilers so… my only problem with this film is the way the Demon is defeated. It’s very convenient; however this is only a small problem in a rather solid horror film.


Beware the Crooked man!


The Conjuring 2 is a worthy sequel to its predecessor. It capable of being creepy and will give you jolts of fear throughout while avoiding becoming a rehash of the first film. If you’re looking for a good horror film this summer, well, you have your first one.


The Conjuring 2 (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time you are creeped out.

Do a Shot: every time a jump scare gets you.

Take a Drink: every time the name Bill is said.

Drink a Whole Beer: for the creepy crooked man.

Finish you Beer: for being thankful that you didn’t go to Catholic School and have to worry about Demon Nuns.

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