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Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams is an expansive look at one of the greatest bands of all-time. It’s a doc that spans 20 years from 1998 up to the 2018 Head Full of Dreams tour. It cuts back and forth between the making of songs and flashbacks to the band’s beginning and their trials and tribulations up to their live performances on the 2018 tour. It’s the perfect documentary for any Coldplay fan and a must see for any massive fan like myself.

A Toast

Coldplay has always been a band that seems to be fairly private, or maybe in America no one cares enough to talk about them. However, this is a great film to look into the lives of Jonny, Guy, Will, and Chris. Instead of them doing interviews with the camera, most of the doc is told through voiceover while we see images of what the bandmates are talking about, whether that is the making of a song or just disbelief they have at how huge things had become. It’s awesome to watch footage of them from college just goofing around in their dorm rooms juxtaposed with headlining a massive stadium tour.

From their St. Louis Show on their A Head Full of Dreams Tour in 2016

I think Coldplay is the type of band that needs more exposure like this. It seems in recent years that they’ve become the band to hate on and I don’t understand why. They’re all brilliant musicians who write their own songs, and they’re good people at heart. The whole doc they referred to themselves as “the 5 of us” because they consider their manager Phil who has been with them since college as one of the band. I think a lot of people have preconceived notions about who these guys are, just as probably everyone does about certain celebrities. This is the perfect doc to showcase these guys and it shows how they’ve had such staying power. Their love for each other and their music really shines through the screen and it’s a joy to watch.

Beer Two

My only complaint is that for a doc that spans 20 years I could’ve used more. It comes in at 105 minutes and this could’ve been 3 hours, or at least they could have made a Part 2. They cover the making of Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head in great detail, but the following albums aren’t covered as in depth as the first two. I also understand that I’m speaking as a massive Coldplay fan. More casual fans probably feel that this doc suffices as an in depth look into this great band.


Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams is a great in-depth and personal look into the lives of Chris, Guy, Jonny, and Will and Coldplay as a whole. Massive fans like myself might leave wanting more, but overall it’s a great doc for any Coldplay fan big or small.

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams (2018) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: for every famous person who appears that is not in the band.

Take a Drink: for every jump into a live performance.

Do a Shot: every time they talk about where a song came from.

Take a Drink: for every mention of someone leaving the band.

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