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A clown pulls a no-show for a jack’s birthday party. So Kent, being the loving father that he is, finds a clown suit, so he puts it on so his son’s birthday party won’t be bust. Well, turns out that clown suit isn’t a suit, it’s the skin of a demon. This demon used to lure children into its cave and it must feed on 5 children (one for each month of Icelandic winter). The demon will give back its host body once it has eaten 5 children. Or if you chop the head off of the host body, the person will die and the demons’ skin will separate. Will Kent feed the demon’s need or will his wife stop him and cut off his head?


A Toast

For what sounds like a similar setup for a few horror films this one is actually frightening. More and more now-a-days clowns have gone from something that amused kids and parents alike at the circus to everyone finding them terrifying. This film pulls out all the stops on showing why clowns can be so scary. There are a few jump scares that do well here but this film goes deeper than that. This films plays on most people’s feelings towards clowns and the entire film you just feel unsettled and creeped out and it gets worse as the film progresses. Then there’s a moment when Kent’s wife Meg considers offering a child to the Demon after he’s already eaten 4 children. It’s quite eerie thinking about how far we might go for the ones we love.

Eli Roth knows talent when he sees it. This film came about because back in 2012 a few guys made a fan trailer for this film and put “Produced by Eli Roth” on it. Roth got word of the trailer, watched it, and was so impressed he decided to help fund their movie to see what they could make. I read in an interview with Roth and he said Quentin Tarantino put his name on the 1st Hostel film to help show what Roth could do. So now Roth wants to do the same for other writers and directors, so he’s helped produced: The Sacrament, The Last Exorcism, the remake of Cabin Fever, and now Clown. I can’t wait to see what gem Eli Roth finds next.


The acting is great as well. There are no heavy hitters as a big draw for the box office, but this isn’t a film that needs that. This film will survive through word of mouth and will live a long life in cult status. You don’t need a big name when you have talent, talent can carry a film and take it from bad to good or good to great. Just look at most Richard Linklater films.

I was pleasantly surprised with the production values. I wasn’t sure what to expect of a film that came from a few guys taking a chance and making a trailer. However, the film looks like it’s a big budget film. The effects are stellar and his make-up doesn’t look cheap or B-movie quality. The editing is crisp and solid. You can tell Roth doesn’t want his name to be attached to something that’ll look cheap or lazily made. It’s nice watching something where you can see everyone giving 100%.


This film didn’t hold back.

Beer Two

This film is a little “formulaic”, and I hate to use the term “paint by numbers” because I feel like that would diminish the fact that this movie was genuinely terrifying at times, but it did follow a pretty standard path of a lot of horror films. However, I feel like this wasn’t a major issue in the overall quality of the film.



Eli Roth has a very acute eye for talent behind the camera. Clown is at times is terrifying and this movie reminds us why no child likes clowns anymore. I think this film will go down in history as a cult classic because it didn’t get a large theatrical release. This film will be passed down through word of mouth, “Hey, have you seen the movie where a demon clown eats children? No? Well, you need to see it.”


Clown (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time the word ‘costume’ is said.

Do a Shot: for every shot of a normal clown.

Take a Drink: for every time you start to feel creeped out.

Do a Shot: every time a child is hurt or eaten.

Finish your Drink: ’cause fuck clowns

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