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Leigh Tiller is not in a good place in her life; her husband is in prison, her son is on probation, and she is stuck running her husband’s auto shop while he is away. One night she accidentally kills an associate of her husband’s. She decides to dump the body in the lake until her guilt begins to overpower her and she starts to wrestle with the idea of returning the body back to the victim’s family for closure.

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Yes, this film is filled with as much tension as you can believe. It’s like watching Howard in Uncut Gems except in this case you want Leigh to break the law. Please just dump the body and be done with this! How hard can this be! But I think this is something that most of us would grapple with. Not everyone is a cold-blooded killer; we have empathy and if we killed someone accidentally it would be very hard to dump the evidence and move on with our life. Because of this, Blood on Her Name is inherently gripping and uncomfortable.

Along with the writing, the acting really puts the tension over the top. Bethany Anne Lind as Leigh is fantastic! Her ability to show all emotions without having to utter a word is something not every actor can do. I really hope she is able to do more leading roles rather than just bit parts on Ozark and Stranger Things. Also, it was great to see Will Patton show up in this movie as the grizzled police officer and Leigh’s father. He played his part perfectly and makes me wish he was in more roles as well.

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For all the great moments of high-strung tension there are the moments in between which slow the film down. There are several scenes that are slow, but they’re sandwiched between great moments of tension, plus the first 15-20 minutes almost move at a glacial pace.  However, I promise if you stick with it, it is worth the watch.


For a small film that has a mostly unknown cast Blood on Her Name is filled with some great acting and brilliant tension. It feels in the same vein as Out of the Furnace, Winter’s Bone, or Blood Simple. If you’re a fan of thrillers then check this one out.

Blood on Her Name (2020) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every moment of tension.

Do a Shot: for every shot of her wrench necklace.

Take a Drink: for every gunshot.

Pound a Beer: for that ending shot.

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