Annie Hall (1977) Movie Review Rebuttal

By: Alex Phuong (A Toast) –

2017 is a very special anniversary year for film. That is because it was forty years since the release of the first Star Wars film. This film review is not about Star Wars, though, because it is actually about the Best Picture winner of 1977. Annie Hall is arguably Woody Allen’s masterpiece because of its simplicity along with its examination of love and relationships. It might not have the glamour of Star Wars, but it is still simply beautiful.

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This film features an Oscar-winning performance from Diane Keaton, an Oscar-winning original screenplay, and Woody Allen’s only acting nomination. Keaton’s role as the eponymous Annie Hall is iconic, and many adore Keaton’s portrayal of a ditzy character. In fact, Keaton’s name is almost synonymous with Annie Hall, and the outfits that Keaton wore within the film started a fashion trend even though most of them were her ordinary clothes. The screenplay is also brilliant because it contains numerous rhetorical devices, such as puns, humor, and even mild uses of satire. Part of the reason why this script is so brilliant is because it deglamorizes the typical Hollywood love story by reiterating the fact that the real world is not always perfect. Annie Hall essentially revolutionized romantic filmmaking because it is essentially a modern story that contains gritty realism that ultimately has a powerful impact on viewers.


Annie Hall might be the greatest film that Woody Allen produced. Many twenty-first century audiences might recall Woody Allen’s recent work, like Midnight in Paris (2011), but Annie Hall still delivers important life lessons on reality. Life itself might not be perfect, but its imperfections make it what it truly is. It might seem paradoxical, but life is supposed to be imperfect. The creative genre of realism might be upsetting, but that is just the way of the world. Woody Allen really did create a modern masterpiece by exhibiting the true nature of love.

Annie Hall (1977) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: whenever Alvy Singer acts neurotically

Take a Drink: whenever there is a flashback or a fantasy sequence

Drink a Shot: whenever Annie Hall says the famous phrase “La-dee-dah.”

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