Inside Amy Schumer (TV Show): You’ll Like How it Feels to be Inside (Her Head)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for “pussy” (or any other genital vocab)

Take a Drink: for each interview and standup segment

Take a Drink: whenever Amy “goes there” with a smile on her face

Take a Drink: when Amy does

Do a Shot: for Asian jokes.  She really likes them Asian jokes.

Do a Shot: when Amy makes out with the talent

Do a Shot: Bridget Everett.  That is all.

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Two Beers) –


Is there any hotter comic on the Planet Earth than Amy Schumer?  Inside Amy Schumer is killing it on Comedy Central, Trainwreck launched her Hollywood bona fides in to the stratosphere, and now she’s totally bffs with Jennifer Lawrence, with a hundred million dollar hit likely to follow.  So, are women funny?


Not as funny as your penis.  Yes, we all know.  Everybody knows.

Inside Amy Schumer is a delightful mashup of Amy’s signature razor-sharp with a chipmunk smile comedy in many forms- standup interludes, sketches, (mostly sex worker) sit-down interviews, and man on the street chats.

A Toast


Strangely, what put Schumer on the map is perhaps the weakest part of her show.  It would not be a surprise to see the standup portion disappear altogether in a season or two, which isn’t a reflection on its quality- it’s hilarious- but instead on the spectacular work she’s doing with her very direct, quick on her feet interview skills and her skits.


Who could get angry at this face?

Oh, man, the skits.  As random as they are almost uniformly brilliant, Schumer shows a deft control of both absurdity and biting social commentary.  The second season in particularly goes on some gloriously high concept tangents, like an entire episode spoofing 12 Angry Men as a jury fights over whether Schumer is attractive enough to be on TV.

Or the genius that is this video

What’s most impressive about Schumer, and what puts her on an equal footing with some of the legends of comedy, is that she’s an equal opportunity offender- she can take the piss out of anybody with a cute smile on her face, men and women, old and young, rich and… less rich.  Nobody’s working at a higher level.

Beer Two

Like pretty much every sketch show ever (except, arguably, Mr. Show, although the less we speak of Run, Ronnie, Run, the better), some sketches just don’t hit.  That can be a danger sign for shows so wholly reflective of a single vision.  Going forward, Schumer might want a lowly production assistant whispering “memento mori” in her ear as she collects her accolades.


Whispering “avoid more redneck sketches” would be good, too.


This is where the absolute best sketch comedy on TV is happening right now, and I love me some Key & Peele.


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