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So after revisiting Bong Joon-ho’s Okja I realized I love a good monster movie. Also, I’d like to start doing these six packs of films once a month with a different theme. Most themes will be related to that month. For instance, May will be a six pack of War films. I realize April has nothing to do with Monster Movies, but oh well, go watch these films, drink some beer, and scare yourself stupid.

The Host

The Host is my favorite Bong Joon-ho film. All of Joon-ho’s films have something to say on any number of societal issues. The Host is no different, speaking about environmental issues and how we need to watch what we do because the smallest thing could have an enormous impact on our environment. Not only that, but at times the film is genuinely terrifying- there are some highly effective jump scares. Within all of this there are still moments that will leave you bursting out laughing in your seat. If you need to start somewhere with Bong Joon-ho’s filmography, look no further than The Host.

Booth Brewing – The Booth Throat Punch

The popular brewing company from Seoul, South Korea provides this great beer. Its complex flavor profile with citrus fruits and heavy hoppy flavor goes perfect with the complex themes of The Host. It’s a great pairing and a wonderful beer for any IPA lover.


No monster movie list would be complete without the seminal blockbuster Jaws. Revisit this Spielberg classic while throwing back some cold brews. Not only did this Spielberg classic begin the age of the summer blockbuster, but it also made every person terrified to go swimming at the beach. The one thing I’d like to know is how many people gained a newfound Phobia of Sharks after watching this. It’s a brilliant movie, and a blast to watch. It’s what summer blockbusters need to go back to.

Ballast Point – Habanero Sculpin

A great brewing company from San Diego, Sculpin produceds this nice summer brew with a bit of a bite. Perfect for a beach ravaged by a giant great white shark.  It’s a delicious IPA with citrus flavors and a fiery habanero flavor. Their Sculpin is a landmark beer of theirs which they say provides the bite of a sculpin. Well, this IPA not only will bite you, but it will set your insides on fire in a very good way. A perfect brew to pair with a film about a massive shark trying to take a bite out of everyone.

King Kong (1993)

It doesn’t get much more classic than the original King Kong. There have been several remakes, reimaginings, and spin-offs. I really enjoyed the latest film, Kong: Skull Island. Yeah, it was dumb, but I just wanted giant monsters fighting, and that’s what we got. However, I didn’t feel right putting that one on here and not the original. This was one of the films that begin our curiosity in movie monsters, and for the next 85 years people have been rushing to the theaters to get the crap scared out of them. If you never seen this film, get your life together and rent it. It’s one of those films everyone should see once in their life.

Hamm’s Beer

I was trying to decide what beer pairs well with a giant monkey terrorizing New York. So in doing my research I discovered Hamm’s Beer was the popular brew in the 1930’s. What’s a better way to watch this classic monster movie than drinking the beer that was popular at the time? Drinking Hamm’s will transport you back to the time of wonderment that was the early 30’s. We were in the Depression and watching movies about giant monsters terrorizing us was an escape. On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t go back to those times. But drinking a Hamm’s and watching King Kong is a good way to pass a Saturday afternoon.


This is one of those rare films that feels like it is truly mine. I discovered this on my own one day through Netflix during one of my bored Saturdays in college between bouts of drinking. Those are the best films. No recommendation or reading about it somewhere, you just stumble across it. This has brought me gems like Moon and Skills Like This. Trollhunter is a brilliant film from Norway about government cover-ups and the poor small people forced to help cover up the lie. I don’t want to give much away, but if you look up the trailer you’ll figure out what the cover-up is. It uses the gimmick of found footage, but is one of the rare ones that uses it well and to tell the story and not use it just as a gimmick. Go watch this film, it’s a truly original monster movie.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri – Lervig Toasted Maple Stout

No, I cannot pronounce the name of this brewing company from Norway. However, this beer would make a great winter brew and a perfect pairing for a film about people hunting trolls in the cold forests of Norway. It’s a very dark brew with almost no head. It has hints of chocolate, vanilla, and a strong taste of maple. Not only will this make a perfect pairing for this Norwegian film, but it would make a great beer for Christmas dinner to help get you through the dinner with family. Drown your scares in this delicious maple dark brew from Norway while you watch this film.

The Mist

Possibly my favorite film adaptation of a Stephen King story. The Mist is frightening not only for all of the monsters that come through from the other universe, fuck those spiders! This film and novella is perfect to see what monsters people would become in a time of crisis and everyone is stuck in a massive room together. The things people would do when you scare the shit out of them and give them no way out are terrifying. It’s a great monster movie on many levels and the ending is something everyone was talking about for years. If you haven’t seen this film and the ending wasn’t ruined, do yourself a favor and go see this film. It’s not only one of my favorite Stephen King stories, but it’s one of my favorite horror films of all time. As well as the next film in my six pack.

Anheuser-Busch – Budweiser

You could say this is another cop-out pairing wise, but Budweiser is delicious. Also, in the novella David Drayton drinks Budweiser, and even though he doesn’t drink in the film, this beer would be a nice pairing because it’ll help you get into the mindset of Mr. Drayton. Maybe a six pack of Budweisers will help you process and get over the ending of this film. Yes Anheuser-Busch has brewed many different beers, but it doesn’t get much better than their original Budweiser.

The Thing (1982)

John Carpenter’s The Thing is amazing. It’s a shame that this film wasn’t appreciated in its time, but I’m glad it has found the cult status and appreciation it deserves. Rob Bottin and his effects team’s work on the special effects is what makes this film so brilliant. Yes, CGI is cheaper and takes less time, but if you take the time and the money sometimes it’ll payoff with a genius film. Just watch this film and then watch the 2011 prequel and then tell me which one has a lasting effect on you. It’s a genius monster movie in which you never see the real monster, only what it appears to become. This film is a visual nightmare and it’s amazing, led by a great flawed hero in Kurt Russell’s MacReady. Every scene will fascinate and disgust you, much like watching a train or carwreck, but in a very good way.  The ending is brilliant; ambiguous endings can be terrible, but this one works in the best way.  They need to make a sequel.

Livery’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Trippel Weizenbock

This behemoth 17% ABV beer is a true sipping beer. It’s a perfect beer to drink while you’re snowed in and have nothing but time devoted to sitting watching movies and sipping a beer. It’s a perfect pairing for the fact that MacReady loves his whiskey/bourbon and it’s set in frozen Antarctica. This beer will calm your nerves as you watch this terrifying film and at the same time will keep you nice and warm. The hint of Bourbon only adds to the rich flavors of this brew. Yes, it’s April, but watch this film and drink this brew in the dead of January and you won’t be disappointed.

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