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365 Days of Movies- Henry J. Fromage’s Tries Again Edition- Week 41

By: Henry J. Fromage –  

This week saw me catching back up with the finest (give or take a few flicks below) our theaters and streaming options had to offer.

224. The Current War

While the Weinstein-free director’s cut undoubtedly improved things (not that I was at TIFF two years ago to watch it originally bow), this film is still pretty much what I was expecting- a handsomely acted and staged historical drama with some enigmatic stylistic choices thanks to the off-kilter pairing of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and Chung Chung-hoon, yes, but also a less than two hour sprint through years of historical events that can mist the forest for the trees.  Still worth your time.  Three Beers.

225. The Lighthouse

Despite undoubtedly being one of the darkest, most maddening films you’ll see this year, for my money this is also quite likely the funniest.  Willem Dafoe’s deranged wanna-be sea captain and Robert Pattinson’s inscrutable, incredibly high strung subordinate develop such a fucked up, magnetizing codependency that it almost doesn’t matter what kind of Lovecraftian images Robert Eggers conjures up in support- hell is other people.  A Toast.

226. The Lion King

Everything I heard about the nonessential nature of this billion dollar ode to the nostalgia rehash is true, but even then I do have to admit that the animation is at times stunning, even if it never looks less than stupid to see these otherwise realistic animals’ mouths move in a facsimile of speech.  Eh, not angry I watched it.  Four Beers.

227. Dementer

This low budget horror film about a woman who takes a job as a caregiver in a home for the mentally and physically disabled while harboring  at least a fucked up past and likely a fucked up agenda is deeply creepy- entirely due to this woman’s inscrutable actions and fear for the the innocents in her charge.  Unnerving throughout, and a stellar example of making the absolute most of your filmmaking resources (sure helps when Larry Fessenden is one of those resources). Two Beers.

228. Greener Grass

Some have compared this to the Too Many Cooks-style nostalgia hit/queasy comedy/overt provocation Adult Swim has perfected, and melding that with recognizing that Lemon director Janicza Bravo has a role will give you a bit of an idea of what to expect out of this candy-colored, overexposed, everything heightened vision of suburbia and the bizarre compromises in the name of homogeneity it demands.  Uncomfortable, mesmerizing, and at times brilliant.  Three Beers.

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