Who writes for MovieBoozer?  An International Network of Volunteers, Movie Buffs, and Lushes.  If you love film and movies as much as we do then we encourage you to help us in anyway you are able.

Become part of the greatest way to rate and enjoy movies (media), ever!

-MovieBoozer Staff

Apply Now, Here’s How

Step 1: Prepare a writing sample.  This writing sample can be a classroom essay or from a personal blog.  You choose the topic.  Between 300-500.  Humor encouraged.
Step 2: Read our Terms & Conditions
Step 3: Submit writing sample in an email to editor @ – in the following format:

Age (18+):
Website (If any or social media link):
Pen name (If preferred):
Contact Info (Phone/Address):
Writing Sample:


  1. Are you no longer taking applications? The email got sent back saying “This address no longer accepts mail”

  2. We’ve been having a few technical difficulties- go ahead and shoot an email to: [email protected].

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