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Movie Reviews: Movies rated by our movie critics who recommend why you should have three beers these movies.

The Man Who Unlocked the Universe (2018) Movie Review

By: Jenna Zine (Three Beers) – The life and death of the great ruler, scholar, and astronomer Ulugh Beg is an especially compelling tale of a driven scientist who helped form the modern world as we know it by uncovering mysteries well-ahead of his time. Beer One Mirza Muhammad Taraghay bin …

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Movie Review

By: Jenna Zine (Three Beers) – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom picks up three years after the disastrous downfall of the Jurassic World theme park as a volcano threatens to bury Isla Nublar, and all of its remaining dino inhabitants, for good. Will the toothy creatures finally become extinct… again? Or will all hell …

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