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Movie Reviews: Movies rated by our movie critics who recommend why you should have two beers these movies.

In Bright Axiom (2019) Movie Review

By: Hawk Ripjaw (Two Beers) – The House of Latitude is “an international, extratemporal membership society, which through fellowship transcends ordinary human limitation.” The brainchild of the independently wealthy Jeff Hull, it started as an augmented reality game around the San Francisco before erupting into a deeply devoted secret club …

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The King and I (1956) Movie Review

By: Alex Phuong (Two Beers) – The Sound of Music is one of the greatest movies ever made.  Starring Julie Andrews in one of her most beloved roles, the film won five Academy Awards, including “Best Picture.”  Years before, though, another Rodgers and Hammerstein musical premiered on the silver screen, and …

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