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Halfwait: The Official (Album Review)

By: Rob Perez (A Toast) – With really great sounding guitar work and spirited vocals all throughout this 11 track LP, Halfwait’s The Official album is a wonderful Australian import and addition to the current crop of standout punk rock releases. It’s not exactly CBGB-era punk; think more 90’s commercial …

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Mah-Ze-Tar: “Liquid Lotus” (Single Review)

By: Rob Perez (Two Beers) – A new, upcoming player on the world music stage, Mah-Ze-Tar’s single, “Liquid Lotus” is a breathtaking musical experience. Combining traditional sitar music with electronica, the sounds are exotic but beautiful, certainly something most haven’t heard before. Seriously, “Liquid Lotus” has elements of Native American, …

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Tropic: Bittersweet (EP Review)

By: Rob Perez (A Toast) – Bittersweet may be an appropriate title for Tropic’s new EP, as it contains plenty of contemporary R&B tracks, but also pays tribute to the old school by mixing the new with the old R&B soul standards. Before giving it a listen, know that Bittersweet …

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