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Trailer Reviews: The Predator, A Simple Favor, Unbroken: Path to Redemption, & White Boy Rick

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

The Predator

The Predator has one of those wonky marketing campaigns where the trailers start out shit and end up kind of awesome. The original trailer for The Predator thrives almost solely on the goodwill of its director and stars. The general consensus appeared to be “Man, I sure do like Sterling K. Brown and Keegan-Michael Key and Boyd Holbrook, but what the fuck is Shane Black doing?” But that final trailer is just what the doctor ordered.

It looks gory as hell, it’s cheeky, it’s fun, and it’s exactly what a Shane Black Predator movie should be. Is that a good thing? That remains to be seen, because as fun as this new Predator looks, it’s a bit wackier and on-the-nose than we’re used to for this franchise. On the other hand, a shake-up might be what the franchise needs. After all, the main ingredient is already pre-baked into the franchise: testosterone-overdosed males pitted against an alien game hunter with hand blades, cloaking device, epic dreadlocks, and an explodey laser pointer. Black will probably just show us how everyone reacts to something that crazy. That giant Predator is a bit much though, isn’t it?

Beer Prediction

My biggest question is whether Jacob Tremblay, a very talented young actor, will continue his trend of playing easily hateable characters.


A Simple Favor

I hadn’t even heard about this until I saw the trailer maybe two months ago, and I’m honestly really excited for it. I’m a big fan of Anna Kendrick for her silliness and timing, I like Blake Lively for significantly more superficial reasons, and Paul Feig’s output as a director is far more successful than not–even Ghostbusters had some really great moments. I’m curious to see what Feig does with a thriller, though I suspect that A Simple Favor is going to have enough cattiness and black humor to not be quite as serious as the trailer is trying to convince us it is. Like a more cynical, playful Gone Girl. I can totally get on board with that. 

Beer Prediction

And apparently one of my absolute favorite comedians, Aparna Nancherla, is in this movie. This has officially gone from “I want to see this” to “I intend to see this opening weekend.”


Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Wow, cool. An Unbroken sequel. Good thing I’m a housewife with nothing to do but shop at HomeGoods and complain about GMOs on Facebook.

Beer Prediction


White Boy Rick

Regardless of how good or bad White Boy Rick turns out, that trailer sure is awesome. It’s really well-cut for the most part, the VHS aesthetic is great, and the song is absolutely terrific. It looks like directed Yann Demange really nailed the look and feel of the era. It also takes place during a snowy winter, and I stand by my assertion that crime and snow go together like _____ and emotional trauma. I have only two real concerns: the first is that, like many crime thrillers, this will end up botching the third act by focusing on the wrong things. The second is that director Yann Demange is being courted to direct the next Bond movie, but Bond production company EON wants to see the final cut of White Boy Rick before they begin serious talks, which signals doubt. Hopefully, White Boy Rick will be as stylish and propulsive as the trailer is. 

Beer Prediction

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