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Trailer Reviews: The Incredibles 2, Superfly, & Tag

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

The Incredibles 2

The only thing that really worries me about The Incredibles 2 is a weird, lingering feeling that Brad Bird is only making it because the world wouldn’t shut the hell up about getting a sequel. I know I’m guilty: The Incredibles is not only a great Pixar movie, it’s an extremely solid superhero movie and surprisingly dark kids’ film. The magnitude of some of the shit that goes down in the movie isn’t something I even fully realized until I rewatched it years later. When I watched it as a youngster, I was thrilled by the action sequences of the young characters in peril. When I rewatched it as an adult, I noticed that this movie features multiple scenes of people trying to murder children. It changes things. While I can’t say I’m completely excited for this, mostly because its release really snuck up on me, there’s no way I’m going to miss it, either. 

Beer Prediction

I haven’t cared for Pixar’s films for a while–maybe since Toy Story 3–but The Incredibles was one of my favorites when it first came out so I’ll be watching it.



Oh, man, this looks like my kind of stupid. This is like Grand Theft Auto Online had a baby with rap music and martial arts and it looks dumb as fuck and I cannot wait to watch it. I actually haven’t seen the original Super Fly movie, but its apparent seeds that started the blaxploitation genre make it one to probably seek out. I don’t see much blaxploitation in this update, but I do see the fingerprints of producer Joel Silver, an inclusion that is, based on his past work, either very exciting (The Matrix) or very ominous (The Losers). One thing is for certain with Silver: regardless of how good the movie is, it’s usually fun and it usually looks pretty flashy. You shouldn’t be asking for much more when the movie you’re seeing is helmed by someone named Director X. 

Beer Prediction

It’s nice to balance out the quality films and shitty films with enjoyable nonsense sometimes.



I think I enjoyed the trailer for Tag exactly once, for the concept. Then it kept playing, in front of every single movie, with the same set of moderately-to-deeply unfunny humor. The jokes got less funny. The actors looked more bored. The bizarre over-reliance on close-ups and slo-mo became more grating. I couldn’t care less about Tag. But then I heard that apparently, Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms during a fall very early on into filming. And instead of just recasting him, the crazy bastards at the studio instead decided to use slightly questionable wardrobe choices (long sleeves and jackets for Renner’s character—in the summer!) and CGI to cover up his arm braces. Yes, Jeremy Renner has computer generated arms for parts of this movie.

As has been reported, there was initial skepticism. Did the studio get worried and plant a stupid story to reignite interested (it worked)? But if you watch the trailer with this newfound knowledge, you notice a few things. First, the wardrobe, which I didn’t really give a great deal of thought to at first. Second, you can see an arm brace on Renner’s right arm when he’s throwing doughnuts at Ed Helms. Third, those arms look suspiciously rubbery, don’t they?

Beer Prediction

I don’t even care about the movie. I just want answers for those arms.

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