Trailer Reviews: The Hitman’s Bodyguard & Logan Lucky

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

I first noticed The Hitman’s Bodyguard months back when I stumbled upon the poster, featuring an absurd parody of the Kevin Costner Bodyguard poster and being very convinced that someone was fucking with us. After watching the trailer, I can confirm that God’s light does still shine upon us and we have been gifted with a glorious team-up of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. The trailer is a little suspect, with some dodgy CGI and a persisting suspicion that this is just an SNL joke, but with Patrick Hughes (Red Hill, The Expendables 3) at the helm, we might get some pretty good action. And with two really good character actors getting to spar with each other, there’s definitely some good chemistry on the menu. 

Beer Prediction

We have not done enough to deserve something this wonderful.


Logan Lucky

I remember when Steven Soderbergh announced he would “retire” from filmmaking after the amazing Side Effects. This was sad news; Soderbergh is one of the most reliably great filmmakers we have, Magic Mike notwithstanding, and Channing Tatum notwithstanding from Magic Mike. Does the term “notwithstanding” work like that? Can I just have subordinate layers of notwithstandingness until I’ve backed myself into a corner? It turns out, I don’t really have to, because Soderbergh has apparently rescinded his original threat and is back to directing movies. His latest entry appears to be a heist film similar to Ocean’s Eleven but with idiot rednecks, and I am totally on board with that. I’ve intentionally avoided anything involving this movie since the first trailers, because I know Soderbergh will deliver.

Beer Prediction

I’m not quite sure what they’re getting at with the “and INTRODUCING Daniel Craig…” bit, but it’s cheeky enough to interest me.

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