Trailer Reviews: The Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again & Unfriended: Dark Web

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

The Equalizer 2

Oh Lordy, the level of killage in the trailer for The Equalizer 2 is quite possibly unmatched in any other trailer so far this year. I mean, can you even call it a trailer? It’s literally a sizzle reel of Denzel Washington saying cool shit and then killing people violently. That’s almost all there is. Not that I don’t like that, nor do I expect there to be much more in the movie besides those two things, but this definitely plays kind of like those short trailers for upcoming movies you’d find buried in the special features of a DVD. 

Pedro “Gee, I wonder if he’s gonna turn out to be the secret bad guy” Pascal also stars for the first time in this series as a sudden “old friend” that we’ve never heard of before. Does that sound remotely suspicious to anyone else?

Beer Prediction

It’ll probably be entertaining, and that’s it. Also, what is it with Antoine Fuqua movies and Melissa Leo getting savagely beaten?


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Full disclosure, I have absolutely zero interest in the Mamma Mia movies. I didn’t like what I saw of the original movie, I generally don’t like jukebox musicals in general, and I will not be seeing this one. But it looks like more of the same for fans, so that’s great if you’re looking for a chick flick for the weekend, or if you want the only movie of the weekend that doesn’t feature people getting brutally killed. Unless when you say “brutally killed,” you mean trying to listen to Pierce Brosnan singing.

Beer Prediction


Unfriended: Dark Web

Dark Web looks like a potentially great concept with a very, very, very terrible trailer. I would be comfortable putting real, actual money on this trailer featuring at least 80% of the scares from the movie. I could probably count on one hand the number of deaths and scary stuff that happens on the movie that didn’t already happen in the trailer. However, dare I say it, this actually looks better than the original Unfriended, which I didn’t necessarily hate but didn’t particularly care for either. “Possessed Skype” isn’t exactly frightening, and while the filming style for this franchise is novel, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of substance to wring out of the actual concept. Assuming that this movie keeps the focus on actual depravity instead of the supernatural, this could actually be really scary.

Beer Prediction

Unfortunately, we’ll probably get a surprise supernatural angle.

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