Trailer Reviews: Rings & The Space Between Us

By: Hawk Ripjaw


The Ring Two came out in 2005. That movie was a sequel to a remake. Last year, the Japanse film Sadako vs Kayako (literally The Ring vs The Grudge and a good reason to take a vacation to Japan if it doesn’t release stateside) released. That movie was a crossover of two different sequels. In the late 90s, the Japanese original–which is based on a book series–got two other sequels, one a direct continuation (Ring 2) and another a different sequel entirely (Sadako). Those movies were both divergent timeline continuations of an adaptation of a series of books. THEN, in 2012 and 2013, Sadako 3D and Sadako 2 3D were released. Those were both sequels to the secondary divergent timeline of the Ring series, and they were in 3D! And then there was a Korean remake. This year, we’re getting Rings, which is *deep breath* A reboot and a sequel of the 2002 American Ring, which itself was a remake following one of the two divergent paths of the Japanese original, which itself was based on a series of books. It also looks like shit.

Beer Prediction

It was written by Akiva Goldsman, which is all you need to know.


The Space Between Us

I’m not going to lie, I ate a THC gummy a while ago and just spent about ten minutes (or an hour, who the fuck knows) trying to figure out how to make a joke about loneliness in regard to the title to this movie. I failed. By the Rule of Britt Robertson, which states that movies that Robertson are in are bad, The Space Between Us already has the odds stacked against it. The title is already potentially telling about how goofy this may end up being, given that the “space” in The Space Between Us refers literally to space, as Britt Robertson lives on Earth and Asa Butterfield lives on Mars. The movie revolves around these two coming together on Earth, whereupon they learn–gasp!– that the boy from Mars can’t handle Earth’s gravity and will die eventually. So they go on a road trip, and do teen romance stuff, and one of them probably dies at the end. And we’ll probably never know how in the hell they got such a good connection to make a video call between Earth and Mars. 

Beer Prediction

Good thing there are still a bunch of unwatched Oscar nominees in theaters.

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