Trailer Reviews: Just Getting Started & The Disaster Artist

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Just Getting Started

I went down a weird little rabbit hole while I was learning more about Just Getting Started. First, I watched the trailer. It seemed mostly inoffensive, but also the sort of Old Person Comedy like Last Vegas or Going in Style that caters directly to your parents and grandparents that want to go see a talkie after brunch at Denny’s. Look! Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones get into shenanigans while they compete for pussy at the old folks’ home! How fun!
Next, I read the description. Yes, the movie is about that, but also it’s about Morgan Freeman’s character suddenly on the shitlist of people who want him dead. Wait, what?

This is from the director of Hollywood Homicide, one of the first movies I actually hated, as well as a bunch of other stuff I didn’t see. He also helped write Bad Boys II for some reason, and I really can’t fault him for that because Bad Boys II is one of the most shamelessly excessive action flicks ever made. This, unfortunately, looks like garbage. 

Beer Prediction

I think I might be able to catch one more showing of Blade Runner 2049.


The Disaster Artist

Ah, James Franco. I like him, but he takes his filmmaking seriously, and oftentimes not in a way that pays off for him. It is good—I have my passions, but if I tackled them with the fearlessness that Franco seems to, I’d be doing a lot more shit than I am right now. He also adapted a Frank Bidart poem about a guy banging a dead body. The dude is daring, and I respect that even if his movies don’t always stick the landing. However, he really seems like he’s about to strike gold with The Disaster Artist. A couple of weeks ago on the Pubcast, we discussed method acting and how not to be an asshole about it. Franco’s not being an asshole with his method acting, he’s making it his method to directing the movie, even reportedly staying in character as Tommy Wiseau as he directed. He apparently even took it one step further by breaking character and turning back into Franco during the questionable first teaser for the movie–or maybe that was just part of the marketing. That alone propels this into must-see status. 

Beer Prediction

Come on, it’s based on The Room. We all want to see where this goes.

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