Trailer Reviews: It Comes at Night, Megan Leavey, & The Mummy

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

It Comes At Night

This time, I’m staying as far away as I can from any information on this movie. What I know so far is that there will probably be nighttime scenes, and there will be some thing, and it will make its presence known during that time. Or maybe it’ll be an arthouse allegory that doesn’t really have any hard supernatural scares. The marketing goes either way: by not really revealing anything, it’s either hiding some quality scary shit, or you’ll need your monster fix elsewhere. You don’t know, which is why it’s interesting. And even if there aren’t monsters (and there probably won’t be, since that feels more like a Blumhouse thing than an A24 thing), there’s certainly a promise of some good tension between the characters, for whatever reason they have to be against each other.

Beer Prediction

Seriously, I know nothing. But I’m expecting great things.


Megan Leavey

It’s a war movie about a dog, and the soldier that becomes best friends with him. I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t really care for war movies unless someone manages to suck me into Kathryn Bigelow hype, and I already live with a dog who will lick your face until either a) he collapses from exhaustion or b) is forcibly pushed away, so I don’t have many reasons to watch this. To boot, it comes out the same weekend as a) an A24 release, which, given their pedigree is a day one guarantee ticket purchase, and b) a Tom Cruise horror universe reboot of a Dark Universe starring several Universal Studios monsters, so you can see how I prioritize my movies. Look, I’m sure Megan Leavey is great. Kate Mara and her dog are both seriously worth attention. But the shlock of The Mummy calls to me. I have a problem. 

Beer Prediction

It really does look good, though.


The Mummy

There are 15 movies in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Warner Bros quickly catches onto the hype and are only at four, but are quickly building momentum. Universal looks on, bitter and jealous, with no good characters to their name. Unless—no. No, it’s too crazy. It’s too strange, and risky, and not nearly as cool. But they have to try. What if there was an extended universe with all of the classic monsters? What if it had Tom Cruise? This, friends, is the line of reasoning that makes me both applaud and fear for the future of cinema. We have here the inception of an interconnected series of movies starring classic Universal monsters, and the idea of a future mashup of these creatures that isn’t a godless disaster like Van Helsing hits right at that point of my brain that salivates at an idea as nutty as Frankenstein meeting The Mummy. It makes literally no sense, but as long as everyone involved understands this, we’re in for some serious shit fun… shit.

Beer Prediction


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