Trailer Reviews: Home Again & IT

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Looks like we’re back in September with at least something enticing to watch. One is a horrifying-looking film filled with immature children and scene after scene of pure nightmare fuel, and the other is a fresh take on Stephen King’s It.


Home Again

Nothing says “wacky rom-com setup” quite like “a recently-divorced 40-year-old woman gets trashed and bangs a dude nearly half her age, then allows him and his two friends to stay in her house with her children, and then her ex-husband shows up to complicate things.” Ironically, that’s almost an identical response to the question “what does shit sound like?” While the trailer itself for this is weirdly benign, watching it knowing exactly what the plot entails is a little… less enticing. It almost makes me want to watch it just so I can see how carefully the movie tries to navigate the weird premise.

Beer Prediction

This bears distinct parallels to nearly every vapid rom-com starring middle-aged actors ever made.



Given that nearly all of the Stephen King adaptations that could be considered “Good” are based on stories that don’t involve anything that people seem to love him for, it’s easy to not get excited for It. Sure, The Mist is great, and Salem’s Lot is fun–hell, Maximum Overdrive is amazing,  even if not in the same way King intended it back when his directorial debut was fueled by an unfavorable cocaine-to-blood ratio in his veins. Aside from that, you have… a lot of bad movies. Thankfully, general indifference to another It update gave way to spectacular anticipation once the first trailer for Andy Muschietti’s film dropped. This looks scary, with recognizable scenes from the novel and miniseries getting a fresh coat of paint and updated air of menace. And at just over two hours, that leaves plenty of time for the first half of King’s Bible-length novel, featuring the young kids navigating adolescence and their deepest fears. This is going to be good.

Beer Prediction

It’s all right, I don’t really sleep much anyway.

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