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Trailer Reviews: Halloween & The Hate U Give

By: Hawk Ripjaw –


The slasher genre, while often yielding poor films, is one that we don’t get enough from in this day in age. Oftentimes, even the bad slashers are fun in one way or another. An odd exception has been Halloween, which has delivered some pretty shitty movies. Despite an apparent general public affection for H20: 20 Years Later, I thought it was fairly awful when I saw it a few years ago. I found the Rob Zombie movies needlessly grim. For some reason, this franchise seems stuck in a rut of mediocrity, with brief strokes of quality. As far as the new one, I’m not entirely sure I trust the creators to deliver the goods.

With that said, the fact that this is written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, and directed by Green, is the most tantalizing detail. Oftentimes, creators with a strong background in one genre can really hit it out of the park when they take a sharp left turn into another. Horror, and especially slashers, share some similarities in pacing and timing as comedies do. It’s likely that this movie won’t have too much to laugh at, but Green and McBride are very good at structure and timing, so this might actually be good. The biggest roadblock is ensuring that the spirit of the slasher film–the mounting tension and feeling of something horrible approaching–is a focus over the gore.

Beer Prediction

I’m really hoping this is fun.


The Hate U Give

I’m going to be very honest here. I’m sure that The Hate U Give is a great movie. I can tell that the performances are going to be strong (Amandla Stenberg has a bright future), the story looks emotional and urgent. But I’ve probably seen this fucking trailer at least 30 times in the last few months, because AMC has been playing the absolute shit out of it. In front of every single movie. I haven’t been shown any other trailer that many times this year. I am sick of it.

I just really don’t like how this trailer is put together in general, but the message the movie is pushing is a very important one. I’m very confident that this is just a matter of oversaturation and sub-par trailer editing, because the core message of The Hate U Give is grim, uncomfortable, and something everyone should probably see. Blindspotting, one of my favorite movies of 2018 if not my top pick so far, had a similar message. Racism and police violence against minorities is a serious problem, as is the general zeitgeist against minorities. We need reminders like this, because that’s the only way things are going to change.

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