Trailer Reviews: Death Wish & Red Sparrow

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Death Wish

This is a tough one for me. I love revenge movies. Absolutely love them. The original Death Wish is sort of a hybrid of the revenge and vigilante genres, and it’s pretty good. Joe Carnahan, who’s made some fairly decent flicks and pitched a hard-R Daredevil movie several years ago, originally wrote the script for a Death Wish remake. Apparently it was a pretty good script, and Carnahan was even slated to direct, but eventually things fell through. Carnahan is kind of avant-garde in a lot of his movies, and could have made Death Wish really unique, so this is sad. The project went through several more directors and lead actors, before finally landing on Eli Roth to direct and Bruce Willis to lead.

So if you look into the recent films Bruce Willis has made, you’ll see that he has been in a lot of absolute bullshit recently. It’s depressingly clear that Willis just doesn’t give a shit what he’s in, and you can tell he’s half-asleep for this trailer. As for the trailer itself… what the hell? It goes from grim revenge setup to wacky wink-nudge violence set to “Back in Black.” Aside from that, this is probably going to be the most generic revenge thriller of the year. So basically another Bruce Willis movie. 

Beer Prediction


Red Sparrow

Ah, the classic movie title convention of taking a word and preceding it by a color.

Red Sparrow

Blue Velvet

Red Velvet

Black Knight

Green Zone

Green Inferno

Green Mile

Orange County

Purple Rain

Pink Panther

White Palace

White Rabbit

White Heat

White Noise

Black Swan

Black Cadillac

Red Planet

Blue Lagoon

Red Dawn

Steel Dawn

Blue Streak

Red Eye

Blue Thunder

Red Scorpion

Black Sheep

Red Sun

Blue Desert

Red Baron

Red Sky

Blue Sky

Vanilla Sky

Red Dog

Black Dog

Red Heat

Red Hill

Red Dragon

Black Dragon

Red Knot

Red Line

Red Lights

Red River

Red Roads

Red Sonja

Red State

Blue Elephant

White Elephant

Blue Car

Blue Chips

Blue Collar

Blue Steel

Blue Crush

You know how when you look at a word enough times you start to doubt that it’s spelled correctly?

Beer Prediction

This looks boring, doesn’t it?

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