Trailer Reviews: Breaking In & Life of the Party

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Breaking In

Yes. I am one hundred thousand percent on board for Breaking In. While chatting with our prestigious Editor in Chief months ago, I had mentioned this one offhand, and he mentioned that he didn’t know much about it. All I had to say was “the dad from Twilight plays the villain” and he was on board, just as anyone should be. However, Billy Burke attempting to add menace and gravitas to a sure-to-be-awful script is just the seasoning. When you include everything else–an impossibly high-tech fortress of a house, implied graphic violence, revenge, director James McTeigue—boy, you got a trash stew going (“You _____ the wrong _____” is essentially the calling card for shit). Perhaps the most promising thing about Breaking In, however, is that there is no way–no way–that the bad guys just want some money. I guarantee you there is going to be some late-second-act twist that reveals some ulterior motives that somehow ties everything together. It will do so without using much logic and will probably disregard something important from earlier in the movie. It’s also probably going to be really, really fun.

Beer Prediction

I said fun. Not good.


Life of the Party

I think we’re reaching that scary point of Melissa McCarthy’s career where she just churns out movies as a recognizable comedy star and not very many of them are very good (or maybe we’ve always been there). The “adult/parent in crisis has to go back to school” is a concept that has been done plenty of times, so it’s not fresh enough to be funny just on the logline alone. That seems to have been lost of the filmmakers behind Life of the Party. Almost this entire trailer is reliant on the apparent hilarity of a heavyset woman doing silly things only young college students should be doing. If I’m being honest, I really like most of what I’ve seen of Melissa McCarthy. While The Identity Thief feels almost engineered to be infuriatingly annoying, The Heat was surprisingly hilarious and Spy was by far one of the funniest movies to come out that year. McCarthy is a talented actress, she just doesn’t seem to get good movies very often. It’s a shame, especially because now I’m not sure what to do: do I go see it to support McCarthy, and inadvertently support her bad movies? Or do I avoid it to not support the bad movies, and inadvertently not support McCarthy? Is MoviePass the happy medium? Will MoviePass even exist next week when I have to make that decision?

Beer Prediction

It can’t be as bad as Tammy, right?

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