Trailer Reviews: Blockers, Chappaquiddick, & A Quiet Place

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The MB Pubcast crew and I were commenting on the marketing for this movie. While the official title for the movie is “Blockers,” the title font itself features a rooster, with the joke being that the movie is “actually” titled “Cock Blockers.” It’s a reminder of Zach and Miri Make a Porno, which had an interesting journey of promotion to release starting with a tussle with the MPAA over an NC-17 vs R rating. A successful appeal brought it down to an R, but the marketing felt like the filmmakers trying to get away with as much as they could, starting with a poster that looked like each main character was getting oral sex from the other. The MPAA demanded this not be released, so the poster was amended to just show stick figures. That still wasn’t enough, so the title was finally amended to just be Zach and Miri.

Still, there were remaining variations on the posters such as the characters in a meadow advertising a poster for people that found the title of the movie “too hard to swallow” or no title with the text “Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks made a movie so outrageous we can’t even tell you the title.” In any case, they had fun with the marketing. There doesn’t seem to be quite that level of calculated goofiness with Blockers, but the simple graphic on the title is effective enough and the MPAA doesn’t appear to care this time (even with butt chugging in the trailer).

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The movie looks kind of funny but apparently I’m bored enough by it that I care more about the marketing campaign for something made a decade ago.



I used to maintain that Entertainment Studios was more of a shell company than an actual distribution house, especially considering that their television broadcasting included fake-sounding court shows like We the People with Gloria Allred and fake-sounding game shows like Who Wants to Date a Comedian?, and their very fake-sounding film distribution branch is called Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures. Last month they released the lovingly stupid The Hurricane Heist, which I loved. However, no one else seemed to agree with me since the movie made about $6 million, or about .46% (yes, point four six) of Black Panther’s gross. Either Entertainment Studios wasn’t planning on the money laundering from Heist to actually work, or they wanted to follow up with something for people to take more seriously, but there’s not an ounce of shlock to be found in the trailer for this historical drama. I also don’t know what the hell is going on besides “Kate Mara died in a car accident and Jason Clarke might feel bad about it.” I’m not really one for period dramas, but all kidding aside Entertainment Studios seems to be good at catering to certain tastes so this might be all right. 

Beer Prediction

Why does Ed Helms look so damn rough?


A Quiet Place

There are a lot of ideas that just get to me. I can’t wrap my head around them. Like how blind people don’t see black, they don’t see anything. 

Or how gigantic the universe and the rest of the universes are.

Or how no one person ever can, has, or will shuffle a 52 card deck and create the same order.

Or this shit.

Or how up until a couple of days ago, A Quiet Place was rocking a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and now sits at a 97%. For a horror film. Directed by Jim from The Office (U.S.). About monsters in the post apocalypse that will find you and kill you if you make noise. I don’t know much else about it, but that buzz has got to mean something. My biggest “fear” is that this won’t actually be a straight monster movie and that the monsters will actually signify something–that’s generally okay, but this is such a raw, simple premise that to inject any more subtext into it is going to make it overstuffed. Still though–whatever it’s going for, a lot of people like it. That’s not a guaranteed seal of quality, but it sure makes me optimistic. 

Beer Prediction

Also I have no shame in admitting that Rugged John Krasinski is definitely something we all need right now.

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