Trailer Reviews: Bad Samaritan, Overboard, & Tully

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Bad Samaritan

The interesting thing about this weekend’s Bad Samaritan (and really, all three movies this weekend) is how the distribution house doesn’t appear to care that it’ll make less money all week than Infinity War made in the first five minutes of presale tickets being available. Movies that should be high quality or care to turn a profit usually try to avoid coming out anywhere near a Marvel or Star Wars film, and if they do come out around the same time, chances are they won’t be good. The other tells of Bad Samaritan are a) it looks like shit, and b) it’s directed by Dean Devlin, who made the fun-but-very-bad Geostorm. The best we can probably hope for is for this to be as weird as that movie was, because Bad Samaritan looks like it could, maybe, be a great kind of bad, dumb fun.

Beer Prediction

Devlin seems like the kind of guy that makes movies that I tend to enjoy, so I’ll trust him.



Overboard is something that probably no one asked for or wanted, a remake of a film that you just don’t ever think about until you catch half of it on TV. I care so little about this movie that I don’t even want to say anything more about it. It is a gender-swapped remake of a comedy that has no need for being remade. If there is any reason to see this, it’s for Anna Faris, whom I’ve always enjoyed, no matter what she’s in. However, if I see this at all it’ll be through MoviePass once I can get that stupid new ticket stub verification “feature” to work. 

Beer Prediction

This looks awful.



There aren’t many creators that immediately turn me off when I see they’ve made a movie, but screenwriter Diablo Cody is one of them, and director Jason Reitman is on his way there. In Reitman’s defense, he’s made some pretty good movies–Thank you for Smoking, Up in the Air, and for the most part Young Adult. But Labor Day  and Men, Women and Children are both awful, and I still cannot fathom why Juno is so beloved. Part of why I so disliked Juno was because of its screenwriter Diablo Cody, and the fact that her dialogue never feels right for me. It’s not abstract in a way that feels intentionally artistic, either; it’s just stilted and unnatural, and the chief reason why Juno was so unpleasant. That said, that was a long time ago, and Cody has written the more “enjoyable” Young Adult, so I think it’s time to try her again. Tully does not look bad at all: the trailer doesn’t give much away, the actors are all good, and there’s reason to believe that Cody and Reitman are about to deliver a high-quality film. I often find it difficult to get over certain issues with specific filmmakers, but hopefully Tully will prove me wrong.

Beer Prediction

It’s probably better than Overboard, right?

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