Trailer Reviews: Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3, & The House

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

You ever get those weeks where you have two definite high-grossing movies, and one the studio clearly had no faith in?


Baby Driver

This just looks too good. There is almost literally nothing in this trailer I don’t like. Gun to my head, maybe I’m not the biggest fan of Lily James drawling like Jessica Simpson, but absolutely everything else seems amazing. So many awesome actors. Real car stunts. Edgar Wright’s signature visuals. A rhythm to the editing that moves like music. I’ve loved almost everything Edgar Wright has done, and I’ve anxiously been waiting for his newest movie. I don’t have anything else to say. I love the cast. The practical action is going to be sweet. The soundtrack is probably going to be better. It’s going to be fucking awesome. 

Beer Prediction

Now that this is out, can we stop crying about the apparent war crime that was Edgar Wright not getting to direct Ant-Man?


Despicable Me 3

The Despicable Me franchise is one that I don’t really think about much, and don’t really have much of any opinion on either way, but don’t exactly mind watching, either. The first one was pretty fun, the second one was a little bit disappointing, and I can barely remember a single thing about Minions. People seem to hate the minions, and I’m amazed I’m not one of them. I just feel like the kind of guy that would want to boot one of those little fuckers into a wood chipper. I think part of it is that they totally own how weird they are, and how they’ve quickly gone from goofy childlike mascots to aggressive, proto-sexual “if only they weren’t so adorable” cartoons. Somehow, Universal and Illumination figured this out and apparently significantly downscaled the presence of the Minions in this threequel, as while Gru and his sudden appearance of a completely opposite family member (a common thing in comedy sequels) jack around. Altogether, this seems like it’s going to be a little disjointed, but if it has enough of those filthy little goggle-wearing creatures I’ll give it a shot. 

Beer Prediction

This is the lowest-rated movie in the series. Who wants to ride this mine cart to see how low it goes?


The House

It’s starting to get scary to be a Will Ferrell fan. I don’t mean like I’m afraid of liking something everyone else is going to hate–I mean it’s difficult to love someone who keeps hurting you. Anchorman 2 promised a nostalgic sequel and kind of delivered, but it still felt kind of tired. Get Hard tries too hard, and Daddy’s Home is all sorts of uncomfortable, in all of the wrong ways. The House looks like all of those things. Granted, I didn’t hate any of those three films outright, and they’re not anywhere near what shit that Adam Sandler has started peddling, but for someone who loved all of those old Ferrell movies, I really want to like the new stuff he’s putting out. But for each movie that comes out, the concept becomes more basic. Now it’s diluted down to The House, which is a casino in a house. That’s it. It’s a simple concept, but it doesn’t expand and become more fun. At least, we think. I’ll still go to the theater to see Ferrell, until he breaks my heart completely. 

Beer Prediction

Let’s hope this isn’t the film to do it.

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