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Avengers: Infinity War

I remember when I was somewhat young, I was assembling an Iron Man puzzle and became a casual Iron Man fan. Years later, I discovered that in 2008, there was going to be an Iron Man movie. In my mind, I thought that was pretty cool because any movie about a man wearing indestructible murder armor sounded cool as shit. I also remember seeing some set photos of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, and the casting choice struck me as odd since I had just recently seen RDJ in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I was sold once I saw that Jeff Bridges would be playing the villain, and was fully on board once I saw the actual movie.

At that time, I had no idea what this franchise would become. Certainly, hardly anyone else did either besides the hopeful hivemind at Marvel. This even predated the acquisition of Marvel by Disney, and if you watch some of those early movies (Avengers included), you’ll see the Paramount logo at the beginning. Before the movie, Stark wasn’t even that big of a Marvel hero. He was a B-grade character at best and a hefty gamble by Marvel after they sold off all of their main heroes years ago.

Love it or hate it, the true cinematic universe is something that has never been fully explored in Hollywood. There have been cinematic universes, but they’ve been either too fragmented to truly be connected, or fully chronological as a proper series. The interconnected storylines of the MCU aren’t consistently great (although some, like The Winter Soldier, Thor: Ragnarok, and Guardians of the Galaxy, absolutely are great), and are engineered for mass appeal often to a fault, but they’ve created something monumental, and we’ve finally arrived at the culmination of a decade of films spanning 18 installments.

This trailer is great. You definitely feel the weight of what is effectively the finale of sorts to what has come so far, and there are definitely hints at some characters biting the dust. This is somewhat muted by the fact that dead Marvel characters straight-up do not stay dead (aside from maybe Quicksilver, and that’s probably a good thing considering the interpretation he got). Whoever does die will probably be resurrected in the next Avengers, but it would be nice if some didn’t. It’s time for the stakes to be raised a bit beyond secondary characters that we don’t care about. Regardless, this should be good fun.

Beer Prediction

It’s probably going to be good. It’s definitely going to make an absolute shit ton of money. You know you’re going to go see it.

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