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Trailer Reviews: Ant-Man and the Wasp & The First Purge

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Ant-Man and the Wasp

I’m in the apparent minority of ranking the original Ant-Man in the upper tier of Marvel movies. It was the heist flick of the MCU, and it carried with it a spectacular sense of relaxed goofiness. While some of the best entries in the MCU advance the story (with The Winter Soldier, in all of its outrageously thrilling action and tense political underpinnings being my personal favorite), it’s just as important to have a fun palate cleanser in between some of the more impactful entries. Ant-Man was wacky, silly, and truer in spirit than most comic book films that attempt to do so actually achieve. And despite following a similar hero-villain dynamic as Iron Man, the story itself as an origin for Scott Lang was surprisingly impactful with the inclusion of his daughter.

The sequel looks like it’s going to be along those same lines, but while that means that this won’t be the event picture that Infinity War was, it does mean that we’re in for a fun time at the movies.

Beer Prediction

Look, nobody is saying the Marvel movies are high art. In fact, the movies overall are kind of generic when you put them all next to each other. But that doesn’t mean they’re not disposable fun, and there’s nothing wrong with some disposable fun, especially when it’s done well.


The First Purge

Bringing the Purge series to an origin story is worrying. This move is usually a bad sign for a horror franchise, often signaling a drought in creativity, despite the events in the finale of Election Year. One need not look much further than the trailer for The First Purge, which, quite apart from being remarkably poorly edited, just isn’t very interesting. Part of the appeal of the Purge movies is this sort of excessiveness, a wackiness that is grounded enough to be foreboding. The First Purge just looks grim, angry, and political.

The rule of Purge night is that all crime is legal for twelve hours, right? All Crime? I think I said this the last time a Purge movie came out, but the next Purge film should be about something other than murder. What if people just used Purge Night for street racing and pirating a year’s worth of movies? This is why I can’t take this franchise seriously.

Beer Prediction

I probably won’t see it, but I DO have MoviePass.

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