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I just watched Mute on Netflix, and it was terrible. It was a reminder that really good sci-fi is hard to come by, and using the Blade Runner aesthetic is not an automatic recipe for success. However, Alex Garland, the director of Annihilation, seems to be the right chef for the job. It looks like a reminder that good sci-fi is hard to find, because there aren’t many films like it. Some test audiences didn’t like this movie (or didn’t really get it), which led to one producer calling for reshoots, and the other standing his ground to protect Garland’s vision. The latter won, but pretty much everywhere except for US, Canada, and China will get it on Netflix in a couple of weeks. I love it when people disagree on a movie, because that makes discussion that much more fun. Didn’t understand that one part? Didn’t like the ending? Talk to someone! Have a discussion that will open you up to new theories and maybe widen your perspective (Even if you liked Mute, I’ll listen to you if you hit me up).

Whatever the test audiences thought of Annihilation, or what anyone will think of the movie this weekend, one I think we can all agree on is that this is a creepy, exciting, trippy trailer that asks a lot of questions. And that music is just… daring me to run to Spotify right now and listen to the soundtrack to see if it’s in the movie.

Beer Prediction

I am fucking ready.


Every Day

This story is three degrees away from being super fucked up, right? It’s about a soul named “A” which wakes up each day inhabiting a different body. In the probably-touching original story, A uses each opportunity to live each day on its own terms and get reunited with the girl he’s fallen in love with. 

In a more sinister alternative story, A uses their pseudo-Groundog Day existence to seduce other people without consequence and just generally be very creepy, or just has fun killing themselves over and over with no real consequence because they just cycle to another body again.

So what happens if you’re the person that A wakes up in? Do you black out for a whole day? Obviously A is you for a whole day, loving the same girl that loves A. What if you’re already dating someone while A is using your body to make out with the girl and that person catches you? How will you explain that? Will you even remember? Will it be like Being John Malkovitch where you can feel like someone is controlling you and it’s fucking horrifying?

Beer Prediction

The synopsis sounds more like it would be a rom-com, but it’s definitely more of a rom-regular, and that’s suddenly a little disappointing.


Game Night

I just love Jason Bateman. There’s something uniquely sublime about his line delivery, character type, and overall existence. When I see Jason Bateman, I see someone I trust. I see someone I would love to shake hands with. Even if I don’t remotely trust some of his movies to be anything close to good (The Switch), I’ll still watch them. Luckily, it looks like I won’t have to suffer much for Game Night, as it looks like just the right kind of madcap comedy we haven’t gotten in a while. I’ve been to two murder party-style events before, and I love them. Thankfully they didn’t ever get as crazy as they do in the trailer for Game Night, but that’s why we have movies, right? This has been getting a ton of love on Reddit, especially in regards to the variety of the comedy and the cinematography. There looks like there’s a lot going on in the trailer, and while I always like a more contained movie, those big, wild ones can be fun too. I’m very excited for this. 

Beer Prediction

I would let Jason Bateman murder me if he said something clever and deadpan while he did it.

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