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Trailer Reviews: A Star is Born & Venom

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

A Star is Born

My first reaction to the trailer for A Star is Born was a hearty giggle at Lady Gaga’s sudden vocalizing around the middle of the trailer. My second reaction was to declare that this looks absolutely boring and not at all something I would enjoy. And then I started hearing some of the reviews, and I started to watch the footage more closely, and this actually looks pretty good. I’m really not one for dramas about singers, and I generally think Bradley Cooper is just fine, but there’s something really starting to draw me in about this movie. I really like how the concert sequences seem to be shot exclusively from the stage. That detail, along with most of the rest of the trailer footage, has a sort of startling intimacy. From there, the nuances of the performances are starting to fill in the rest. Suddenly, I’m very curious and, dare I say it, excited to see the movie.

Beer Prediction

I’m finally willing to let this movie into my heart.



2003 called, they want their superhero movie back. Seriously though, that’s pretty much exactly what this movie looks like, and it doesn’t look great. The original teaser with the nonexistent special effects was a major misfire. Even the tagline “Embrace your inner anti-hero” was majorly groan-worthy. I’m fairly certain that a Venom movie has been in some stage of development hell for years, and the previously alleged R-rated gore-fest has been neutered down to an all-ages-friendly PG-13 so that eventually Spider-Man and Venom can face off. This movie does not look good.

But it might be the fun kind of not good. That second trailer has a lot more promise, even as some silly garbage. I love Tom Hardy’s absolutely bizarre accent, which comes across like a very young child showing off his toys to a stranger. The actual design of Venom legitimately looks great and both his voice modulation and lines sound really fun and campy. Even the updated tagline “The world has enough superheroes” is actually great. I’m mostly looking forward to this, if I’m being honest. I don’t think it will be very good, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a kick out of it.

Beer Prediction


Like most of those early-2000s superhero movies that didn’t do very well, I’m sure it will be easy to laugh at this one.

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