Trailer Review: Tulip Fever

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Ah, September: the chill in the air, the shorter days, the feeling of everything starting to die, and a more sadistic version of January where unmitigated cinematic sewage surges unabated through theaters. With few exceptions, this is the month of garbage, of movies nobody cared about but weren’t made in time for the opening cinematic dump months of the year. We’re starting with a, uh, promising first film of the season.

Tulip Fever

Ironically, Tulip Fever was going to be one of the February releases. This is still long after a much-more-expensive planned projected directed by John Madden with different actors, and the eventual shift into a different movie that simply got delayed a few times. That usually is a bad sign for a movie when the release date and attached names get changed too many times, but for Tulip Fever you could have showed me the trailer all those years ago and I still would have told you it looks like garbage. Me, personally, I’ve never been a fan of period romance pieces, especially if they involve one or two people already married deciding they’re just going to bang someone else and feel sorry for themselves. Boring. Nobody cares.

Beer Prediction

The fact that the studio has already scaled back the screenings for this is not promising.

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