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Trailer Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

There are a couple of biases working against themselves for Fallen Kingdom. First, the negative: I did not particularly like Jurassic World. It felt unnecessary, and was weirdly derivative despite having some neat wrinkles. It was largely boring and frankly unnecessary. 

BUT, as far as I’m concerned J.A. Bayona is a massive step up from Colin Trevorrow. Even from the trailer, there’s a distinctly more artistic look to this sequel and there are at least a couple of shots that hint at some seriously exciting, stylish setpieces and some neat horror elements. Unfortunately, Trevorrow is still one of the writers which means the problems of the original will probably still be there, if not worse. Still, dinosaurs are cool and Chris Pratt is almost cooler, so it can’t all be bad. 

Beer Prediction

I’m going to see it, even though it looks like the dumbest movie of the summer (and not in a good way).

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