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The 5 Best Immigration Movies of All Times in Hollywood

The concept of immigration has a lot of emotion, drama, connectivity, and story that goes into it. A storyteller dwelling on a naturalistic immigration script always believes in these concepts. Many filmmakers and script writers have taken up immigration stories to produce milestone movies.

Those stories are not just dramatic but full of an intensity that prevails for a lifetime. They might convey a good story, a message for life, or a funny story of friendship and freedom.

Such stories have in depth meanings with fun as an element at times. Some overwhelming scripts in Hollywood based on the immigration concept have won hearts. They can be watched all over again, even while trying your luck with the lowest deposit casinos; we are sure you are going to enjoy every bit of it!

Here is a list of some wonderfully conceptualized movies :

  • A Better Life (2011) :

This story justifies the limitless love and sacrifice a parent can make for his child. An immigrant here tries to earn a living illegally to reunite with his son. It clearly portrays that any risk is justified for the sake of children and compassion for them. It is a tale of undying love and sacrifice, a tale of bravery.

  • The Big Sick (2017) :

This is probably the only mainstream movie on the life of a Muslim immigrant. Beautifully written by Kumail Nanjaini and Emily V. Gordon, this movie depicts love and the decisions it brings along. A stand up comic from Pakistan falls for an American woman. Their decision to marry especially when he is an immigrant is a tough call. The script covers the difficulties about how one loses his family for they disapprove marrying into another culture. A tale of love beyond boundaries, it is a must watch for everyone.

  • In America (2000) :

This is the first movie to portray the feeling of immigration through a child’s perspective. The intensity yet innocence is the real essence of the script. It is loosely based on director Jim Sheridan’s life. Irish immigrants when they reach America, it doesn’t feel as if they were legally accepted. The troubles and reality checks are beyond imagination. The child’s perspective is centered to make the movie different and much more emotionally understandable.

  • Avalon (1990) :

The story is pictured in the 20th century and focuses on a Jewish family. The family settles in America and struggles immensely to adapt to the culture. The journey is long, tough, and full of hurdles. The movie is basically about how the grandson listens to the story of their family’s immigration from his grandfather. It portrays a viewpoint of two generations and a period which people hardly remember anymore.

  • The Namesake (2006) :

This movie is based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahri and gives a message through its straightforward depiction of immigration. It features on how a young Indian couple settle in America and build a family. It showcases the tension between the immigrants and their children who have been brought up in American culture.

There are many more immigration movies with amazing themes and stories. The list is endless and full of adventures. To name just a few, these are some of the best immigration-centric scripts. Movies that have shared emotions and flashbacks of those times when immigrants were facing trouble. Such movies take us back to the past and portray a mirror of those dark but hopeful days.

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