Sluka: “Colourful Radiation” (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez (Four Beers) –

An artist who is literally a jack of all trades when it comes to playing a variety of instruments, Sluka has released Colourful Radiation, an old school rock influenced album that showcases the musical abilities of this one man band.

We’re going to say it up front: Colourful Radiation won’t be for everyone, and that’s not really a bad thing. It’s a stretch to say the album is an acquired taste. Not at all, but the music is more sophisticated than most of the Boozer audience might be used to, maybe a little too indulgent, but honestly, there’s more good here than bad really. You just gotta give it a real good listen before you can fully appreciate it.

Still, there will be things to like about Colourful Radiation even if the whole album may not be your bag. There’s the grandiosity of “Rise”, the progressiveness in “A Mode Of Joy”, and the artsy opening track “Number One”. These tracks may not flow into each other easily, but where in the rulebook does it say it needs to do that?

I found lots to like, some things not so much, but I’ll recommend it albeit with four beers ready to pop open. I strongly recommend you give it a chance.


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