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It’s that time of year, you got to think of a date and you don’t want to go out and pay for overpriced steak and wine. So this year I’ll give you six films you could watch on Valentine’s Day.  You can cook a dinner for your loved one and have a movie night with any of the six following films.

Punch-Drunk Love

I love Paul Thomas Anderson and all of his films. This isn’t his best film overall, but I would say it is his most romantic. This film gives you hope that there is someone out there for everyone. When even your family doesn’t believe in your or just thinks very little of you, there is someone out there who will/does think you are amazing. It’s like when you find that person the fog lifts and nothing else matters. You just need to be where they are at all times and not in a needy way; it’s just that doing anything else at the time doesn’t sound as appealing as just sitting on the couch with that one person. That person that will give you strength and confidence. It’s a great thing and done to perfection in this film.

Angry Orchard – Angry Orchard Rose

A tasty Cider, this perfectly matches Adam Sandler’s electric performance of a sweet man with anger issues. I hope that this will keep you calm instead of riled up like Sandler.

If Beale Street Could Talk

An extremely recent film for this list, but an absolutely necessary one. Barry Jenkins has a way of touching your soul with his films. This one will get you right in the heart if you’re in love. I just got married and this film spoke volumes to me, it’s the greatest example of what love is or can be. Through thick and thin as long as you have that love nothing can really hurt you. I won’t spoil the film here and I already wrote 1,000 words on this film in my review so I’ll keep it simple. Fonny and Tish wouldn’t have been able to get through everything they did and will do without that love they have for each other. If you’re lucky enough to find that love it’s like nothing can harm you or your loved one.  It’s almost like you’re invincible, not to say nothing can affect you, but it doesn’t matter as much because you have that love in your heart.

Firestone Walker Brewing – Mocha Merlin

This film will slowly wash over you and stay with you for awhile. Therefore, you need a good sipping beer that will have that same staying power. This coffee brew will be perfect as you sit and talk about this film with your loved one.

Before Sunrise

The first in Linklater’s trilogy, Jesse and Celine meet on a train to Vienna and Jesse convinces Celine to get off the train with him and they spend the night in Vienna together. From then it’s just two people talking and connecting. It’s the best example of the beginning of a relationship. When you meet that person and there’s that immediate spark. You can’t put your finger on it and you know this is someone special. I love all three of the films in this trilogy, but Before Sunset is by far the happiest and most romantic. Every film feels so real, and this one could put that spark back in your relationship, making you remember why you love the person that you are with now.

Brauerei Goss – Gosser Beer

A perfect Austrian beer that you can drink anytime of the year. Let this brew take you to Austria while you watch two people start to fall in love.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

Alfonso Cuaron is one of those rare directors who doesn’t have a bad film in their filmography. His films are wide-reaching and always very different from the others. I don’t know if this is his best film, but it’s up there. What’s interesting about it is Cuaron is able to walk this fine line between college road trip comedy and tender and passionate romance. It follows two college age kids (a young Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal) who are doing a road trip to some beaches in Mexico and they invite this “older” (probably late 20’s) woman along who they think needs some fun. Much to their surprise she says yes. It one of the sexiest movies I’ve ever seen and one that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day date.

Lone Tree Brewing – Summer Siesta Mexican Style Lager

A Mexican style lager brewed with flaked corn will put you in the exact right place for this film. Enjoy this delicious light summer beer while watching three people learn a lot about each other.

Moonrise Kingdom

Ah young love, it’s so innocent and it seems like this relationship is the end all be all if you break up or are forbidden to see each other. You’re figuring everything out together like kissing, hand holding, how to sit at movies. You’re first love is a love that you’ll never forget and one that can shape you future relationships, in some cases in all subsequent relationships. This film displays this first love perfectly. It’s a relatable relationship because at that high school age you find someone who understands you unlike your family does. It’s a great feeling to find that person, someone you don’t have to explain yourself or your situation to, and they just get it. It’s a cute, quirky, heartfelt film about young love that is perfect to watch on a date night.

Labatt Brewing – Labatt Blue

I wanted a good northern beer to go with the New England setting of this film. Labatt is a good beer to remind you of all the cheap beer you drank in High School to get up the nerve to ask out that crush of yours.

The Princess Bride

What can I say about this classic? It’s an obvious pick for Valentine’s Day.  It has everything; Action, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy. It boasts a great script full of one liners, making it endlessly quotable. This film is for everyone, even children, so if you’re unable to escape the kids for a night and have to celebrate Valentine’s Day in with your kids put this film on. Then when those innuendos play you and your spouse can exchange looks while your kids sit there none the wiser. It’s a brilliantly charming film that has stood the test of time for a reason and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate this film.

SweetWater Brewing – Sweetwater Blue

This is a delicious fruit beer that both loved ones can enjoy. This light fruit beer will pair perfectly with the lighthearted fun of this film. Just do not drink the one with the poison.

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