Six Pack of Horror Films (Zombie Edition)

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It’s October so of course I’m going to do a horror six-pack. Every year I’m going to try and do a sub-genre of horror. Since this is the first year I’m doing these I decided to start with one of the biggest horror sub-genres to choose from, Zombies. So, grab some beer and steal some candy from your kid or just one in the neighborhood and get ready for a Zombie movie marathon.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Traditionally, I don’t care for Zack Snyder films. They’re always style over substance and usually become over bloated because style can only go so far. However, fast zombies are terrifying. Yeah, the movie isn’t the greatest, and that demon baby scene is really stupid. However, the film as a whole is a ton of fun to watch at a Halloween party with friends. You can yell at the screen together and talk about what you’d do if you’re trapped in a mall with a bunch of world class sprinters trying to eat you. A remake should add something to the original source material and this remake ups the ante with fast zombies and more blood.

Left Hand Brewing – Blackcurrant Nitro

Running from these zombies and then being stuck in a mall you’re bound to get hot, sweaty, and gross. You’ll need a nice summer beer to refresh you, but at the same time it should be red to remind you to not take too long of a break. Enjoy this tart nitro brew with a nice dark red color while you watch very fast zombies and lots of blood.

Shaun of the Dead

Everyone believes they’d be Tennessee from Zombieland or Ana from Dawn of the Dead (2004). In truth, everyone, we’d probably be a lot more like Shaun and Ed in Shaun of the Dead. Clueless and laughing at everyone walking slowly and unresponsively, and in the age of social media everyone would have phones in their faces filming zombies. Then, only after their brains are being torn from their head, will they realize they’re brain hungry zombies. This is an Edgar Wright classic and possibly still his best film to date. It’s hilarious and is perfect for a Halloween watch party.  Gather the beer, load up on party snacks and laugh your ass off with your friends.

Fuller’s – Fuller’s Frontier

From a popular English brewing company, this beer is perfect to help guide you through this new frontier, filled with zombies and dead people. It won’t be too hoppy and it’ll be perfect for when you take shelter in the pub and wait for the whole thing to blow over.


A Spanish found footage film made at the height of the found footage craze, this was one of those rare films that rose above its genre by not just using the found footage as a cash grab, but for effective scares. A news show sends a female anchor to follow along a Fire Department for a night so the public can get a feel for what firefighters go through in an average night. They answer a call to an apartment building and things go south quick from there. It’s a quick film at a slim 78 minutes. You can watch this one and its sequel ([Rec] 2) which takes place 15 minutes after the 1st one. The sequel clocks in at 85 minutes and it tells a complete story answering some question left by the first film. It’s easily one of the best found footage films out there and one of my favorite horror films.

San Miguel Spain (Grupo Mahou-San Miguel) – San Miguel 1516

An exclusive beer brewed in Spain to go perfect with this rare great found footage film from Spain. I’m not sure what makes San Miguel 1516 exclusive or why, but when it comes to found footage horror films they’re a dime a dozen and to find a great one, that deserves a special beer.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

I only allowed myself one Romero film on here because we could make an entire 6-Pack of his zombie films. He’s made some great ones and some mediocre ones, but there’s no denying his original zombie feature. Now it seems a little dated and a little slow compared to modern zombie films, but it’s still a fun watch. From its old score that is now used to mock the horror movies of old to all of its zombie tropes that we’re brand new back then, this truly set the guidelines for all future zombie films. Also, it was revolutionary for having an African-American hero where the movie doesn’t attempt to make an issue about race. Night of the Living Dead was a revolution in 1968 and we can thank it for the plethora of zombie films that followed.

Boulevard Brewing Co. – Tough Kitty Milk Stout

Watching this film, I kept thinking a nice stout would go perfect with it. Since I’m from KC and am partial to Boulevard I had to go with their Tough Kitty Milk Stout. Though Barbra is not a tough kitty and is more of a zombie in the film, Duane Jones as Ben is a tough badass. So in honor of the tough lion Ben, enjoy this delicious milk stout while you enjoy this classic.

Train to Busan

I completely missed this film in 2016.  While I was talking to a co-worker one day he asked me if I had seen Train to Busan. I told him no, so the next day he brought it to work and I went home and was blown away. How did America miss this Korean gem? It has fast, great action, and is hugely suspenseful and claustrophobic in moments. A man is taking his daughter back to his ex-wife and while they’re on the train a zombie outbreak occurs. The passengers hear Busan is safe and they attempt to make it to Busan while zombies attack the train at every moment. It’s a blast and is easily one of the best horror films in the last 10 years. If you haven’t seen Train to Busan and you love horror or zombies or both, get your life right and rent this one.

Ark Korean Craft Brewing – Pyeongchang White Ale

A delicious Witbier that will take you away from your everyday life. While you’re on the train to something you inevitably don’t want to do, you can drink this and imagine you’re on a beach. Just be sure to finish the beer before the zombies take hold of the train or you’ll die while in dreamland.

The Crazies (2010)

Another remake of a Romero classic, the community of a small town in Iowa is rocked by a government mishap. The town’s water supply is infected by some kind of toxin that turns people into murderous zombie type creatures. This might be the “Die Hard” of zombie film.  Since they’re not technically the undead, some might not consider this a zombie film. However, I believe if a “zombie outbreak” were to ever occur, it would be because of something like this. A government experiment gone wrong turns large proportions of a population into ravenous murderers. It’s an all too real concept that is terrifying to think about, and it’s anchored by stellar performances and horrifying kills. Therefore, this definitely belongs in a Halloween zombie marathon.

Goose Island Beer Co. – Honker’s Ale

With its lovely sunset color, it’ll take you back to those simple summers watching baseball with your loved ones while you enjoy a nice crisp beer. Or it’ll remind you of a pool of blood that arises from a horde of murderous zombies.  Either way, you’ll enjoy this beer while you watch Timothy Olyphant fight zombies.

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