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Football is back baby! College, Pro, and every once in a while, I’ll go watch a High School game in my area. I love soccer and it’ll always be my favorite sport, but football gives it a run for its money. Also, since Hollywood really doesn’t make films about soccer and the football season is about start, I decided to do a six pack of football films. Hope these get you pumped for the new season like they do for me.


Fly Eagles Fly!! No, I didn’t just pick this film because it involves the Philadelphia Eagles, but it’s a perk. Based on the true story of Vince Papale, a man who went to open tryouts for the Eagles and actually made the team. He ended up playing three years for them. It’s one of those cliché sports stories that warm your heart; it’s the reason people love sports so much. It’s a great story about never giving up on your dream. It’s about when those rare opportunities present themselves- what are you going to do? Are you going to seize the moment and realize your dream? Or are you just going to stay another bartender with their eyes in the stars?

Sly Fox – Alex’s Lemon Wheat

Chances are you’re going to get hot watching poor Mark Wahlberg run around in that Philly heat and be called a loser for most of the film. You’ll need a good summer ale with some citrus to replenish your thirst. So why not go with a beer that is brewed in Pennsylvania and you can never go wrong with a Lemon Wheat beer. Let’s be honest, it’s the best combination.

Any Given Sunday

Yes, Oliver Stone’s films have gone downhill, and this one is by far not his best, but it’s definitely still worth a watch. This is probably his last film that I really liked.  It shows another dark side of football, the front office and coaching aspect. Yeah, at times it’s over the top, but it’s brings up some interesting points about race and football and also shows what happens when you have an aging veteran who’s great and a new young talent who is also great. It can cause a rift in the front office and the coaching staff. Essentially what happened the last year couple of years with Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Patriots.

MIA Beer Co. – Mega Mix Pale Ale

Another localized selection, this time from the vibrant shores of Miami. Mega Mix is a mildly bitter Pale Ale that will help you wash away some of the cringe that Steamin’ Willie Beamen puts up in the film. Plus, that cool black can will go nicely with the all black uniforms of the Miami Sharks.

Friday Night Lights

Not just my favorite football movie ever, but it’s my favorite sports movie of all time. It was so good it spawned a TV show that was excellent as well. It’s a fascinating watch to see what the craze around small-town high school football does to the kids and the community. These kids have so much pressure on them that they feel like they’re 40 years old when they graduate high school. They don’t get to have a childhood.  Sure, they get away with stuff, but it doesn’t rival all of that pressure from a community where a lot of the guys played for the high school team and it’s still the best thing in their life. So, these kids better win now because their alma mater is still these guys’ major personality trait.  By the end of this film they learn that this isn’t their entire life- it’s an important lesson for kids to learn.

Shiner Brewery – Shiner Light Blonde

Shiner is a delicious Texas beer and you should go with the Light Blonde brew for this film. This film can be heavy and emotional, so no need to make the experience heavier by drinking a dark craft brew. Take this Light Blonde and when you finish it your tears can fill it back up.

The Replacements

This is awesome popcorn fun. I watched and loved this film as a kid and re-watched it recently and still enjoy it. Now I see the flaws in the film and how it’s maybe ok at best, however, it’s still really enjoyable after all of these years. Yeah, the premise is not possible, but just sit down and enjoy the show, the brothers shooting a Porsche, Nigel the soccer player hitting a 65 yarder with space to spare, the Sumo wrestler becoming a center, and Neo playing QB after years of drinking on a houseboat. “Whoa, I know football.” Maybe, but Shane Falco is more likely to look bloated and even sadder than Keanu being in great shape. Yet, this film is a lot of fun and will get you excited for the upcoming season.

Anheuser-Busch – Michelob Golden Draft Light

Golden Light isn’t the greatest beer, but it’s decent. If I’m wanting a beer but can’t decide what beer to drink this one is always there for me. Whether it’s considered a replacement beer or some nights it might be my first pick, it always delivers, just like this film. Sure, there are better movies out there, but this one never disappoints and always goes down nice and smooth.

Big Fan

Not a big film, but it’s a brutally honest film about fandom and the darker side of sports fanaticism. Patton Oswalt gives possibly his best performance as Paul Aufiero, a man who works a shit job, lives with his mom, and has one great friend. However, he has one thing to look forward to, New York Giants football. Paul is their biggest fan and one day he runs into his favorite player in a club in NY and things go south and Paul is ruthlessly beaten by Quantrell Bishop. Afterwards, everyone is in his ear telling him to sue and send Bishop to jail or don’t sue so the Giants can keep their great player. It’s a fascinating look at the dark side of sports and the downside to fandom.

New Belgium Brewing – La Folle (Sour Brown Ale)

I feel like a sour ale really pairs well with this film. It’s not a funny or happy movie, it shows the dark side of sports fandom. It can really sour a sport when you see these dark sides which happen more often than one would like. So, while you watch this at times uncomfortable film, enjoy this sour ale, but don’t drink it too fast.  Just try to enjoy.

Varsity Blues

Though it came out about 10 years prior to Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues feels like a parody of Friday Night Lights. The star who is injured, the party animal, the guy who doesn’t love football but enjoys it enough to play til college. This is what everyone probably pictures when they think about High School football in Texas, however this is an overly dramatic rendition of real life. Yes, it’s pretty stupid, but it’s a really fun watch and very re-watchable. This is like your favorite unhealthy snack; it’s not going to give you any nutrients, but you’re going to enjoy every moment while you eat it.

Coors Brewing – Keystone Light

Something about this film screams Keystone. Whether it’s the high school setting, the immense drinking and partying, or a combination of everything. Let’s be honest, it’s a combination of everything, but I’d bet Tweeter’s favorite beer is either Keystone or Bud Light.

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