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For July I didn’t want to do a themed month. I’m not always going to do themes, because if I did I seriously limit myself for movie choices. So for July I doing a six pack of some of my favorite screenplays. These are screenplays that I love as well as I think are great. This won’t be the last time I do this six pack because there are tons of brilliant screenplays out there.

Before Sunset

The first screenplay comes from one of my favorite trilogies in cinema history. The Before Trilogy is a brilliant and very real look at falling in love, reconnecting, and honest portrayals of insecurities we have in our relationships no matter how long we’ve been together. Before Sunset is at times hard to watch because we have all been in their situation; what might’ve been, were you the one, did we make a huge mistake? Credit for this screenplay goes to Linklater and its two stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke who pull from their real life experiences and by spending time together. Doing this allows Jesse and Celine to feel like real people and not just characters. It’s a brilliant script that allows a film of two people walking and talking be as captivating as any action film.

Brasserie La Parisienne – La Blonde

A great French beer with a citrus aroma for those nice summer days in Paris. It’s a great pairing for Before Sunset for the obvious reasons; they’re walking around Paris, France during the summer as they reconnect and realize that maybe they were meant for each other.

Blade Runner (The Final Cut)

Any good Sci/Fi film uses its settings to just scare us or provide two hours of space battles, but should also reflect on humanity. Think Ex Machina, Jurassic Park, District 9, or Arrival. Blade Runner’s brilliant screenplay asks one question: What does it mean to be human? It’s a question that has been presented in several Science Fiction films after but never in such an original way. That’s is what makes Blade Runner and its sequel Blade Runner 2049 such a special film. It’s had an impression on too many films to count that followed. If a human and a replicant can reproduce then what makes us human? Are we really that special if we can create something so real it can pass as human? What is our purpose? Hopefully it’s more than just passing butter.

Sapporo Brewery – Sapporo Yebisu

I wanted to pick a Japanese beer for this film because in the film Los Angeles seems to have taken in a lot of Japanese culture. Where today we might see a lot of signs in English and Spanish in this film it’s English and Japanese. Therefore, I wanted to pick a Japanese beer that a lot of people would like. This is reminiscent of a Bud light or Yuengling. It’s an easy drink for a complex film.

Double Indemnity

Alfred Hitchcock once said in an interview that if you have people talking around a table and then it explodes there is no tension, but if you show the bomb under the table then show the people talking around the table you’ve now created the tension. This whole film is showing the bomb under the table and the audience waiting for it to go off. Billie Wilder was a brilliant screenwriter and this was his best script in my opinion. Every scene is filled with so much tension that you’ll never leave the edge of your seat. This is the grandfather of noir films and it’s a shame we don’t make more noir films today. I’m talking about script and not in just style- I’m looking at you, Sin City and Gangster Squad.

Bells Brewery – Whiskey Barrel Aged Cherry Stout

I was tempted to only put a glass of whiskey for this film, the noir film with its stereotypical 1940’s male who smokes cigarettes and drinks a glass of brandy or whiskey at the end of the day to unwind. Well, while you stress in anticipation for this entire film, enjoy a cherry whiskey stout that you can sip on for the entire runtime.

The Big Chill

A great script should make the characters feel like real people. A good way to do that is to write honest and real dialogue. Films like Superbad, The End of the Tour, and any of the Before Trilogy movies all have highly realistic dialogue making their characters feel like fully fleshed people. The Big Chill is about a group of friends from college who come back after several years when one of their friends commits suicide. They spend the weekend together and talking about everything from existential problems to football. It’s a star-studded cast who all put in great performances, Not only is it real, but it’s hilarious. It flows between tear-inducing drama to tear-inducing comedy. Every character feels so real that they’ll all remind you of someone in your life.

Miller Brewing Co. – Miller High Life

Is there a better beer for chilling with your closest friends as you sit around talking through all hours of the night? The champagne of beers is a delicious beer everyone can enjoy as you sit outside on a nice summer night or inside around the fireplace reminiscing about the glory days. Plus get yourself that vintage short bottle while you watch this brilliant film.

Steve Jobs

Understandably, not everyone is a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s writing. Sometimes it’s long-winded and you can feel exhausted after certain scenes. I’m not one of these people, I love everything Sorkin writes and if his name is attached as a writing credit I will seek it out. It was a tough decision between The Social Network and Steve Jobs. I picked the latter because everyone always talks about the brilliance of The Social Network. I want to shed some light on Sorkin’s Steve Jobs script and why it’s brilliant. Verbal Warfare is the best way I can think to describe this script. Every scene is like a battle. but instead of swords clashing it’s words being shouted at each other. Not only is the dialogue great, but the story structure was something that felt very original; it felt like a play with a three-act structure rather than normal structured film. If you haven’t seen this film you need too, and just wait for that argument between Fassbender and Daniels.

Arrogant Brewing – Arrogant Bastard Ale

Do I even need to write why I’m recommending this beer? It seems self-explanatory in the name of the beer. During this entire film Steve Jobs comes off as a literal arrogant bastard thinking because he is commanding something that it can be done. He was a visionary but he was kind of a dick, too.

12 Angry Men

When a film takes place in nearly one setting for its entirety it better have a strong script to keep the film moving. There have been some great films with great scripts with few to no setting changes, however, 12 Angry Men is the best one I’ve ever seen. With only one bankable star in Henry Fonda, this film has a cast of amazing character actors and a brilliant script creating a brilliant film. No bells or extra whistles, no cuts to the murder or their supposed scenarios. Just 12 men discussing the guilt or innocence of one man. This is easily one of the greatest scripts ever written and it should be taught in every film school screenwriting class.

Narragansett Brewing Co. – Narragansett Del’s Shandy

To keep you cool during those summer days you’re stuck somewhere without any air conditioning. This light and refreshing beer will give you that hint of lemon to remind you of the times you were sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade and not stuck inside deciding whether someone is guilty of murder or not. As long as you turn on the A/C while you watch this one you’ll be fine with this beer.

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