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Six Pack of College Movies

By: Movie Snurb –

It’s that time of year again, when the kids go back to school and the parents get to enjoy their house in peace. Or sit in boredom because they actually like their children, one or the other. I didn’t want to do another High School Six Pack so I decided to do College Films. So, get ready for debauchery and fun as we look at six great college films. I’ve got your back to school parties covered with some fun drinking games you could play with each film, because let’s be honest, most college kids can’t afford different varieties of beer. So, I’ll give you a fun drinking game for each film. Now grab your natty light or whatever cheap beer you prefer and enjoy!

American Pie 2

The group of friends are back and this time it’s a year after the first film and with their freshman year under their belts they decide to get summer jobs and a lake house for the summer. What next? Plan an awesome end of summer party of course! This film is one that grew on me with time; I used to think this was the weakest in the franchise (I’m talking about the 4 films with the original cast, not those knock-offs). However, with time and going through college I’ve gained a greater appreciation for this film. It’s got a killer soundtrack like the first, the characters are hilarious, and the shenanigans are new and still ridiculous. It excellently shows what it’s like coming home from college after your first year. It seems like everyone from high school is a completely different person. Except for some people, some never change.

Drinking Games

-Drink every time Stifler insults Finch.

-Drink every time Finch does weird tantric meditation

-Drink every time Jim receives a Postcard from Nadia

Everybody Wants Some!!

The spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, Linklater’s film follows Jake as he arrives to college where he is staying in a house with his other baseball teammates. As a freshman he quickly learns the pecking order and how college works. It’s a blast of a film and expertly captures what that weekend before classes begin is like. It’s a three-day party binge; the only difference for me is I didn’t play college ball so I could party even harder. It also showcases that college is a time of self-expression and self-discovery, it’s a time to figure out who you are, so be weird and have fun.  High School is a lot of being who you think people want, trying to fit in, but College you can be free; be yourself, and you’ll find your crowd.

Drinking Game

-Drink every time Matt lies.

-Drink every time Chris says something stupid.

-Drink every time a felony is committed.

Pitch Perfect

A film that needs no introduction, it was an instant classic when it premiered and seemed to enter the lexicon as quickly as Mean Girls did back in 2004. Spawning two sequels that definitely didn’t live up to the original, it’s a fun romp through the world of college and a cappella music. There is a lot I love about this film: it’s hilarious, it’s got some great music, and Anna Kendrick is a national treasure, all of which makes it immensely rewatchable. I also love this film because it’s a great example of needing to find your niche in college. What are you going to do stay in your room for four years? No, you need to get out and meet people, preferably people with similar interests. If you never put yourself out there, you’re never going to experience life, so go do something that scares you and make some memories. Sure, college is about setting you up for your future, but it’s also about making lasting memories with great friends.

Drinking Game

-Drink every time there is singing.

-Drink for every competition or Sing-off.

-Drink for every movie reference.

Monsters University

No, this is not your typical college film. This is in fact a Pixar film, and an underrated Pixar film at that. This is never one mentioned as one of the greatest Pixar films, and I don’t think it’s better than Monsters Inc. However, it is still a fun time for all ages. I picked this film for my six-pack because I think this is a brilliant representation of either Homecoming or Greek Week. I was in an honors fraternity and not a social one so we didn’t get to participate in Greek Week, but we did Homecoming and it was always one of the most fun weeks of the year. The Scare Games in this film felt like a stand in for Homecoming; sure we didn’t have physical competitions, but we did compete in different aspects and those points helped contribute to getting our candidate to the Top 5, where a vote would take place. You always got out of it what you put into Homecoming and every year was a blast. This film and its Scare Games always bring back those fun memories.

Drinking Game

-Drink every time Mike is underestimated.

-Drink every time a monster roars or “scares”

-Pound a drink every time a prank is pulled. (Not many from what I remember)

Take Me Home Tonight

This film follows a group of college graduates who graduated in May of 1988 and have been wandering aimlessly for the summer and are gearing up for the big annual Labor Day party. Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) is a MIT graduate who still working his summer job with no idea about his future except that he wants to impress and date his high school crush Tori (Teresa Palmer). This is an underrated film. It’s hilarious, powered by Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, and Chris Pratt. Its performances are brilliant with Fogler stealing every scene. Plus, it was a highly relatable film. When I was about to graduate College, I thought I had a plan in place but then My GF dumped me, and I didn’t get that nice corporate job. So, I had no idea what to do about my future and it was a scary thought. This is an all too similar feeling because when you graduate college you’re now in the real world and it’s cruel and not laid-back like college. Just maybe don’t commit felonies while trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Drinking Game

-Drink every time Matt lies.

-Drink every time Chris Says something stupid.

-Drink every time a felony is committed.

Animal House

The pinnacle of College films. If there were a Mount Rushmore of College films this would be the George Washington. Back when the name National Lampoon had clout and wasn’t associated with things Like The Hottie and the Nottie, oof. Taking place in the 1950s at Faber college, the Delta fraternity are a bunch of party animals on double secret probation. When they find out they’re being expelled they decide to fight back. It’s everything a great college comedy should be. It’s the blueprint for every college comedy that followed. It’s stupid, over-the-top, and a helluva good of a time, and will stay an enduring classic. This is a must see for any soon to be or current College student.

Drinking Game

-Drink every time a prank is played.

-Drink every time Dean Wormer is angry.

-Drink for every insult hurled.

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