Peter Senior: “The Christmas Tree” (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez –

Just in time to get your spirits, and it will, Peter Senior’s “The Christmas Tree” will completely get you ready for the holidays.

This track is fun, first and foremost. Peter is one of the most talented musicians to come from Australia, displaying serious musical chops. However, his music is never pretentious in the least and you can hear him having fun with this wonderful tune.

It’s a bit do-woppy, big band-ish but it does set a great holiday tone. For an Australian chap, he captures the American Christmas spirit on “The Christmas Tree”.

It’s an ode to many Christmas traditions, snow, Santa, and of course, memories of decorating the Christmas tree as a “child in delight”, tinsel and the star on top. With its nostalgic bent, you’ll no doubt will be hit with memories of Christmas past.

It’s definitely worth picking up and listening to with just a beer. And for our sake, we hope “Christmas Tree” becomes a staple of future Christmases as well. Merry Christmas from Peter Senior!

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