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Trailer Reviews: Hunter Killer & Mid90s

By: Hawk Ripjaw –

Hunter Killer

Gerard Butler had something of a promising career start, but the last few years have found him with a series of stinkers, with some of the highlights of garbage being the very stupid London Has Fallen and the absolutely bananas Gods of Egypt. Seriously, see Gods of Egypt because it is spectacularly bad in the best way, like an Asylum or SyFy movie with a tentpole budget. Butler’s new output has given him a reliable consistency. Most of his movies are bad, and many of them are bad in a very laughable way. Gerard Butler is like my occasional specific garbage supplement and I take this pill gladly. Now, my concern with Hunter Killer is that it will just barely not be terrible enough to be funny, but might have enough bad decisions to be moderately entertaining. Gary Oldman yelling a lot? Gerard Butler acting way more dramatic than he should be? Suspiciously uneven CGI with possible stock photography? Perhaps, a forgettable but in-the-moment-not-quite-camp-fest? Sign me up.

Beer Prediction

The world of mainstream garbage cinema has been a ride so far. This will probably not be that awful, but what if it is? The risk of finding out is worth the potential reward, despite the two hour running time.

Wait, it’s how long? Fuck.



I’m really not into skater movies or sports movies, but even though most of what I see in the trailer for Mid90s is not in my cultural wheelhouse, this looks good. I love the aspect ratio writer/director Jonah Hill has chosen. The characters act and feel genuine. And despite the fact I was never a skater (I couldn’t even figure out a Tech Deck when I was a kid), there is something that feels warm and nostalgic about this. Maybe part of it is that I’ve really been hating being an adult lately, and if I could just spend a couple of nights going back to spending time with my friends, screwing around and having fun with my only concern being when my mom would call, I’d be ecstatic. I remember a lot of the sights, sounds, and smells of childhood. Some memories are more distinct than others: during an internship several years ago counseling troubled teens, I would usually walk past a Discovery Zone-style business on my way to a gas station. On these walks, I’d often get a head high from the combination of perfect blue sky and the colorful storefront. The public library has a distinct smell and feel to it that takes me back to summers loading up on Goosebumps books.

But of course, when I was a kid I couldn’t smoke weed or make people take me seriously, so maybe a quick 90 minute portal into the 90s is all I’ll need for a nostalgia rush before I settle back into the comfortable misery of modern living.

Beer Prediction

Damn it…it’s rent week, isn’t it?

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