Regarding Spike Lee and Chi-Raq: An Editorial

By: Bill Leon –

I’m gonna just… rant for a second about something I’m deeply out of my element on. Fuck Spike Lee.

From The Guardian: 

“Spike Lee: Female Students Should Go on Sex Strike to Combat Campus Rape! Chi-Raq director says women withholding sex would help curb the ‘abundance’ of sexual assault and harassment at US colleges”

Fuck his stupid movie. Fuck his self-righteous, I know everything and you couldn’t possibly comprehend what’s right and wrong attitude. Fuck his silly glasses. Fuck his stupid face. “Sex Strike” is a cute idea for a film plot but suggesting anyone do that in real life… and that it will actually bring about change… is a delusional person.

“I think a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment or date rapes.”

Based on what??? This concept for a movie is so great, we need to start enacting it in real life, huh Spike? Your dumb ‘women withholding sex in a society full of rage, guns, and forcefulness’ idea? That’s whats gonna save college campuses? How fucking stupid can you be? Consent doesn’t stop rape, you asshole. It wouldn’t BE rape if that was the case. “Saying no will stop rape” is essentially the message you’re putting out there. And clearly… saying no doesn’t stop rape. I think all this promoting real life Sex Strike bullshit is just promotion for Chi-Raq. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but don’t go around claiming to have an answer to rape when you have NOTHING to bring to the table with it. It’s poor taste if I’ve ever seen it before.

To be perfectly honest with you, I find the premise of Chi-Raq a little offensive to begin with. This is just the nail in the coffin of my respect for Spike Lee. Whittling down the idea of frustration and rage to… “My penis isn’t getting enough attention.” “Or getting too much attention.” Whichever. It’s cartoonish.

Spike Lee was once THE voice of black film-making… but now his views are outdated and his promotional tactics are cringey. We have Dear White People and Dope now. Spike Lee’s ways of doing things are outdated. His views on society and race relations are painfully one-sided and pig-headed. In the past two years, we’ve gotten movies that have pushed racial acceptance in film a lot further than it has been in the past. The producers of Gods of Egypt responded to a white-washing controversy. Movies like Fast 7, Creed, Straight Outta Compton, and the aforementioned Dear White People and Dope. I don’t think Modern Day Spike Lee has a place in this discussion any longer. We’ve evolved beyond what he has to offer. And he hasn’t evolved.

“The least you could do is be ashamed of your gender.”
– The message of Chi-Raq

The concept of the Burqa, though. That’s kind of it right there. If you don’t cover all that beauty, someone’s gonna rape you. Why do i get the feeling Zardoz will be a superior commentary on gender politics than Chi-Raq? (Yes, I just fucking went there.)

Subjects like prostitution, nymphomania, and homosexuality need to be addressed in this film otherwise… you didn’t THINK. You just relegated two genders down to stereotypes. You said, all women work this one specific way. All men work this one specific way. Anything else doesn’t exist. Taking sex away from an angry guy with guns? That’s going to solve something?

I’m not happy about the gender stereotypes, but the rape thing is ultimately what sends me over the edge. IN THE FILM CHI-RAQ… what stops these women on sex strike FROM getting raped??? Do they all hole up in a Brothel? That’s locked up tight? Do they all go the Winchester and have a cold one while they wait for this all to blow over? For the record, I guarantee I’m writing a better premise right now just bullshitting out of my ass.

Spike Lee: “Yo daddy, I’ll suck your big black dick for two dollars.”

And by suck his dick he means I can watch Chi-Raq.

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