Ken’s Movie Diary 2018: films #82 to #87

82. Rampage (2018)

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I’ll just say it… there is no excuse for this movie not ending with Dwayne Johnson growing to an enormous size and fist-fighting the giant wolf and crocodile. That said, the knock-down drag-out fighting sequences between the giant monsters as they destroy Chicago was a good amount of fun. And the human villains who caused everything are comically bad, which did add to the film’s appeal.  But really, this can only be recommended as a Netflix streaming rental.

83. In the Loop (2009)

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Not quite as funny as the series it is spun off from, In the Loop is nevertheless a perfectly entertaining  satire. Peter Capaldi’s career-defining character, Malcolm Tucker, is the perfect venue to explore the vicious vulgarity of backroom politics.

84. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

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A more accurate title would be Thanos: Infinity War because the soul of the movie belongs to its villain.  Thanos’s mission is to “save” the universe by eliminating half of its population, and his motivation for doing so is deeply explored (if not condoned). Josh Brolin was perfectly cast to play an empathetic villain whose cruelty masks a demented conviction that he’s doing what is right.

85. Bill Nye: Science Guy (2017)

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This documentary is a warts-and-all exploration of Bill Nye, a man who has made it his life’s crusade to educate the world on the importance of science, and to cut the anti-science lobby down a peg or two. The film doesn’t deify Nye, showing many of his faults as well as his positive traits, and that honesty helps build a picture of Nye that feels very fully formed. One of the better biographical documentaries I’ve seen recently.

86. Bad Samaritan (2018)

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David Tenant commits completely to one of the most ridiculous serial killer characters ever put to screen in this preposterous (and completely entertaining) thriller. By no measure is this movie conventionally “good”, but goddamn was it fun to experience. Director Dean Devlin’s last film Geostorm was stupid as well, but not quite inventive or fun enough to recommend. He seems to have found the perfect schlocky balance here.

87. Tully (2018)

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Calling Tully a comedy is laughable, this is a horror film about child-rearing. Charlize Theron plays Marlo, a housewife and mother of 2 (with a third on the way) that is suffering under the weight of her responsibility. Theron delivers one of the strongest performances of her career, and though the film doesn’t quite stick its landing, the earnestness of the story is more than enough to recommend.

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