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Mavrick Savvy: Paradice (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez (A Toast) –

Featuring really tight production, slick beats, and displaying a talent for rapping good, conscious lyrics, Mavrick Savvy’s single “Paradice” can place this young MC as a leader of Southern Hip-Hop. The track shows self-confidence, dreams, and Mavrick’s own unique vision of life. Mavrick says his life has been one of adversity, and in “Paradice” he clearly lays out this hard knock life with intelligent, well-written lyrics that nicely paint a picture.

But as for the music, it is catchy and will have you bumping it in your ride. It’s good cruising music, but when you really get down to listen to it, you may find a lot to relate to. “Paradice” is autobiographical, but it’s written in such a way that this could be anyone that grew up in the same shoes. That’s talent right there when you can make lots of people feel your pain but also understand it because they lived it and know where you’re coming from. Mavrick Savvy has me interested in hearing what else he’s got up his musical sleeve. Grab a beer and enjoy.

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  1. Great read!! Thank you for the fantastic review. I will definitely be letting you know when the next single drops.

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