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Luiz e os Louises: Life’s a Cigarette (Music Review)

By: Rob Perez –

When you have music forming in your head but wait until the right time, when you have the right people and place to record them, the result is Life’s a Cigarette by Brazilian folk rock artist Luiz e os Louises. A long time songwriter fixture on the Brazilian indie music scene, Luiz traveled to New York City with these songs forming in his head, enlisted some of the best backup musicians he could find, and created what can be described as what classic folk rock would have sounded like if it had a touch of the sounds of Brazil.

Like a drag from a cigarette that gives you a moment of pleasure, Life’s a Cigarette also has it’s musical pleasurable moments. It’s an indie album with very little pretension but also heavily hearkens back to Louiz’ influences, mainly the artists who made the Greenwich Village folk rock scene. While the album has a very old school vibe throughout, it has an easy-going feel as well, with the lyrics not overly filled with metaphors while the music goes from acoustic to psychedelia as well as even electric.

Indie folk may have had its day, but Life’s a Cigarette is the kind of album that’s keeping it alive, and we can be grateful for it.

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