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Lil T-Shirt: “Summer” (Music Video Review)

By: Rob Perez –

Winter time may be an odd release date for a music video titled “Summer”, but Swedish artist Lil T-Shirt is not your average Hip-Hop artist. With last year’s album Flowers/Lovers generating positive buzz, the single “Summer” gets the music video treatment with direction by acclaim director Ottillia Wahl. If you’re expecting beach, sunshine, and celebrations, Lil T-Shirt’s “Summer” video is everything opposite of all that.

Purposely released late in the year to take advantage of the coldness of the season and to somewhat describe the notoriously short summers in Sweden, the video is dark, murky, an anti-love story. It’s pagan-ish in that it offers a sacrificial lamb of sorts to honor the gods, in this case the lamb being the unsuspecting boyfriend (Lil T-Shirt) of the main character. He’s being driven to a location to be “sacrificed” by her friends, without having a clue of what’s about to happen.

Despite its horror-esque theme, there’s a bit of beauty in the darkness. The mystery behind why he’s being killed is never answered and maybe it’s not meant to be clear. What is clear is that this video will captivate you and show you a whole other side of “Summer” from now on.

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