Ken’s Movie Diary 2018: films #113 to 117

The long delayed list continues…. yet again again!

113. Superfly (2018)

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“Director X” set out to make a modern day Blacksploitation film, reflecting modern trends and sensibilities while paying tribute to the original 1972 classic. Trevor Jackson plays Priest, a swaggering high level drug distributor who wants one more score so he can get out of the business. It is hard to believe that Jackson is only 21 years old, because he carries the power of authority on his shoulders with magnificent fashion.  The movie itself is incredibly stylized and tries believability at every turn, but I see big things in Jackson’s future if he continues to deliver the goods like he does here. His lead role brings so much to an otherwise ludicrous movie. Director X has style to spare, but he should remember that feature filmmaking is a different beast from Music Videos, and many of the tricks that work in those don’t translate to the long form.

114. Tag (2018)

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Earlier this year Game Night reminded me that comedies could be not just platforms for funny people to do funny things, but could be sharply directed and artful at the same time. Tag feels like an attempt to bring that same sort of feeling, but doesn’t quite hit the right notes. Director Jeff Tomsic and his editor bring some clever tricks to the table, but the story and the way the comedic set pieces play out vary wildly in quality. Sometimes the movie is downright cartoonish, and this clashes hard with some very regrettable choices in the final act which try to bring heart, and only succeed in being heavy-handed.

115. Incredibles 2 (2018)

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14 years have passed since the first film, but this movie picks up right after the end of it. Perhaps that wasn’t the best storytelling decision. None of the characters seem to have absorbed the lessons which the first film indicated they had learned. Despite this, Incredibles 2 has some genuinely great moments and plenty of action and clever humor to spare. It is just a shame that in 14 years they couldn’t come up with a better way to continue the story.

116. The Human Tornado (1976)

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Rudy Ray Moore returns as Dolomite in this deliriously funny sequel to the eponymous original. It is hard to tell at times how much of these films are intentional comedy and how much is just comically bad filmmaking. Maybe that is why I keep coming back to them? This might be one of the craziest of the Rudy Ray Moore films, full of bad action, worse sex, and Moore’s trademark rhyming comedy.

117. Airport (1970)

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The first in a long line of increasingly preposterous disaster films that would dominate the 1970s box office. Airport takes place at a fictional Chicago airport on the day of a major snowstorm, following numerous characters as they go about their “made for soap-opera” lives. The climax of the film occurs when an attempted bombing leaves a plane crippled as the pilots desperately try to land safely.  This is one of a handful of films Airplane! mocked so brutally that they have become impossible to take seriously. Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin collected their paychecks…. that’s about it.

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