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Ken’s Movie Diary 2018: films #108 to 112

The long delayed list continues… again!

108. Brubaker (1980)

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Robert Redford stars in this highly fictionalized story based loosely on the career of a real Arkansas prison warden whose liberal reformist philosophy crossed swords with the corrupt prison bureaucracy. The film is perhaps most famous for its opening segment, in which Redford’s Warden enters the prison for the first time incognito as an inmate, in order to assess the prison from a prisoner’s perspective. The real life person the film is based on didn’t do this, but it makes for inarguably intriguing setup.

109. First Reformed (2018)

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Ethan Hawke plays the reverend in charge of a small church with an even smaller congregation. The only reason it hasn’t been disbanded being that it has historical significance and is owned by a megachurch organization with deep pockets. Hawke’s preacher is dealing with a depressing past by consigning himself to a bleak present, but when real spiritual challenge breathes new life into him, only to have it snatched away with another tragedy, he heads down a path of self-destruction.

110. Ocean’s 8 (2018)

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Have you seen any other Ocean’s film?  Do you want to see that again, but with 100% more estrogen? Ocean’s 8 follows that pattern with depressingly unwavering heft. Much like Ghostbusters before it, Hollywood thinks that people just want to see something they’ve already seen, but with women instead of men. Don’t get me wrong, female leads deserve equal casting treatment, but I would much rather see an original story than a progressively-minded heap of sameness.

111. Hereditary (2018)

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Gabriel Byrne has the shittiest family in the world in this brooding and creepy horror film by director Ari Aster (The Strange Thing About the Johnsons). Toni Collette delivers a performance of a lifetime as Annie, a mother struggling with the death of her less than beloved mother, and the increasingly strange happenings around the house which occur directly after. Aster has a macabre sensibility that translates wonderfully into this slow-burn of a horror film. Sadly, the final act doesn’t quite live up to all the buildup, but the thrills are more than worth the ride.

112. Hotel Artemis (2018)

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Jodie Foster and Dave Bautista star in this comic futuristic crime thriller about a hotel/hospital for criminals to recuperate in peace. Naturally for a film of this kind, things go wrong.  Hotel Artemis has a pretty weak story, but Foster and Bautista are a lot of fun and Jeff Goldblum shows up briefly… so that’s great. This is passable entertainment if you have fuck-all to do and it happens to be on Netflix or something.

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